Wednesday, July 25, 2012

365 Days & Counting!

     Today marks the 365 Day Countdown until we Make China Our Home!  One year from today we will have our bags packed and boarding a plane destined for Ft. Collins, CO for a week of training and then to Beijing, China for a three week crash course in surviving life in a new country.
     Whenever you know you only have a certain amount of time pending before you change jobs, schools, cities or even countries you begin thinking about "the lasts". The last time we'll see Dad and CeCe in October for their annual return from Kenya to raise support and visit family.  That means I won't get to see Dad for at least two years!  The last Trunk or Treat where my Dad helps take Eden and Ephraim around gathering tasty treats from our friends. The last Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter meal around the table with family when I get to sit next to and visit with Granny.  The last time Granny hands me a quittin stick after we finish one of those meals.  The last Easter Eggstravaganza, Kids Choir program, Kids Camp, G.O.T. Night,  VBS and LGFWB service all of which we share with dearly loved friends and family.  There will be many more of "the lasts" that will cause our hearts to be thankful and cherish each of those memories to come.
     However, there will also be "the firsts" in which our hearts will race with excitement and cause us to trust in the Father's plan for our family.  One such "first" occurred last month when we had our first home visit to invite a family to join our support team.  Sarah and I had been coached very well but that still didn't make "the first" home visit any easier.  Sometimes you just have to jump in with both feet and see what happens.  As we visited with the family they immediately put our nerves to rest (sweet tea helps) and made us feel very welcome.  We explained all the details of how we'll be Making Our Home in China and then inviting them to join our team.  Let me just say, the Father is good!  After inviting them to join our team, the family pledged "the first" year of monthly support that very evening!  By no means would I share who that family is and ruin their blessing but let me say thank you for making that "first" home visit a complete joy.  We don't expect every family to be able to support at that level.  We know the Father is our provider and we as the Myers Family also give joyful to other families like ourselves as we are able to.  We look forward to the many "lasts" and the many "firsts" as we countdown to Making China Our Home in 365 days!