Friday, September 21, 2012

Boy or Girl?

      Boy or girl?  That has been the question on our minds for a while now.  We had names picked out for both, and we already have one of each, so we were excited either way.  The whole time during my pregnancy I felt like it was a boy, and it is!!!  We are so excited and thankful for this precious blessing.  When I was pregnant with Eden, Jacob and I could not agree on a boy name.  This time we had a name for both, but no girl middle name.
     At the ultrasound we were allowed to have four people, so we shared that with my Mom, sister, and Aunt Linda while my Dad watched Eden and Ephraim in the waiting room.  Jacob held my hand as we looked at this special creation.  First the ultrasound tech checked all the organs etc., and we waited in anticipation.  After we found out, Jacob told the kids.  They were so excited.  This whole time, Eden had wanted a sister, so I wasn't sure how she was going to react.  She got all excited, and said, "I want a brother now."  I was so thankful for this.  Ephraim was soooo happy.  He kept talking about all his clothes that he wanted to hand down to his brother, especially his shoes.  Eden told me she wanted to help change diapers.  We'll see...
     Afterwards, we went and purchased our first outfit for the baby.  Nana and Aunt Rebekah got more than one, already spoiling little Xavier.  We then went and celebrated at Mimis where we had celebrated finding out that Eden was a girl.  Such a special Day. So thankful for this fearfully and wonderfully made little blessing.---Sarah

     Looking at this cute monkey beanie and outfit causes my heart to imagine that in 18 week or so a little baby boy will be smiling back at his daddy.  This ultrasound visit today makes me long even more to meet my son.  Apart from special visits from angels to expecting biblical moms, women had to wait to find out the gender of their babies.  It makes me wonder how Elizabeth and Mary felt when they found out the gender of their baby before it was born!  With this new found revelation would they prepare differently than otherwise?  For the Myers Family we will begin lifting up this boy to the Father in preparation for his arrival into this world.  Will you begin lifting up Xavier Luke Myers to the Father with our family as well?  Blessings---Jacob