Sunday, April 7, 2013

Passports , Paperwork, and Packing

      We are leaving... In a little over three months! The frantic scrambling to finish paperwork has begun. Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a little. It's true, however that these last weeks our nights have been full of paperwork to fill out.

     We had to get passports for both Ephraim and Xavier. Ephraim's was a wild goose chase because at first we thought we had to get a certificate of citizenship before we could get his passport. We were relieved to find that we didn't have to have this, not to mention the fact that it saved us $550! It's quite amusing (and adorable) that our littlest one has a passport. Boy was it fun getting him to pose for that photo.

      In the daytime, while Jacob has been at work, in between homeschooling Eden, I have been packing little by little with help from a friend. It was such a relief to be able to donate a lot of our stuff to a massive garage sale for a good cause. I was not looking forward to having a garage sale of my own. The preparation for now, though tedious, is a sweet reminder of the fact that we will be where our Father is leading us soon.

       Showers of blessings:
Outing with Eden to paint pottery.
Good teacher who watched out for Ephraim on his field trip.
A healthy 2 month checkup for Xavier at 13lbs 12 oz.
Jacob getting to participate in a special moment at fellowship.
Jacob finding out he was the top promotional salesman for March at his job.
Sweet time spent with Sarah's family watching the kids ride their bikes outside.

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