Monday, September 23, 2013

Gifts Galore

Welcome Flowers
Ephraim loves Moon Cakes
China is a very giving society, and we have already been the benefactors of this on several occasions.  This week we celebrated the Autumn moon festival, and received two boxes of moon cakes, along with a bottle of shampoo. :).               I received flowers at the airport. Eden and Ephraim have both been given plums on separate occasions by a lady while ordering take-out.
Our FAO bought our family boiled corn while waiting for our visas. We have also been blessed with things left behind by other families. Everything from dried goji berries, to towels, to metals stands amounting to a few less things we had to buy ourselves.  Our sweet neighbors two stairwells down gave us homemade banana bread.  Also our teammates and friends here have been amply generous with their time and services.

Yummy Food

Until we learn more of the language, we feel a bit like children right now. We have had to be shown everything, had teammates talk on the phone for us to order water, been shown how to order light rail tickets, and been shown where to find things at the grocery store.  Finally learning how to order our own water and buy our own light rail tickets has seemed like major victories to us. Now that classes have started we have students who have already eagerly offered to help us with these things, and we are so excited to make these connections.  We can't wait to know them better! On a side note, I met our next door neighbor the other day, and she spoke English! Apparently she lived in Canada for two years. She has two kids, and thought it must be a lot of work to have three.  Looking forward to meeting her kids.
Not a Moon Cake Fan

                          Showers of blessings:
Family movie night with homemade peppermint hot chocolate
Starting to be able to navigate the grocery store
I have mastered counting to 8 in Mandarin, thanks to Taekwondo
Like-hearted friends
Our apartment is painted!

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