Saturday, September 21, 2013

Sticks and leaves, balloons and trees

One of the things I loved about my childhood growing up overseas, and that I now love for my children, is the opportunity for creative play.  I know there is that opportunity no matter where you are, but I find it easier here to appreciate the simple things without all the distractions that I was used to before.  There's something about watching my kids transform the neighborhood into secret hideouts and theaters that gives me great delight.  
Last week we all went to view Jacob's five classrooms that he is teaching.  I and the kids waited outside by some stone benches, bushes, and trees. In no time ordinary sticks were transformer into ninja weapons and tambourines.  While the weather is nice, our complex has several places with outdoor tables perfect for picnics, there's even a concrete maze!
Our teammates live a couple of buildings away with their five kids, and there is another family two stairwells away with four kids to play with.  In the initial application process, we were asked if we had any preferences.  Knowing the need for third culture kids to be with other TCKs, our only request was that we be with other families. We were abundantly blessed, and are so thankful. Also Jacob's former skills are not going to waste. As you can see, he made balloon swords one night.
Eden and Ephraim started home-school this week, and they are learning to wash the dishes.  Ephraim climbed his first tree the day after we arrived in Changchun, and Xavier is starting to crawl.  One afternoon, a cute grandma taught the kids to do a few tai chi moves.There are challenges for our kids, but there are victories as well.  I'm especially thankful for the opportunity to get to spend more time investing in them, and teaching them to love China and it's people.

Showers of blessing:
- Homeschool coop
- Eden loving Taekwondo after only one meltdown!
- Being able to make Ephraim his favorite food: spaghetti
(going to attempt - - Eden's this week: fish tacos-
minus the guacamole. Avocados here are about ten dollars a piece!!)
- Jacob loves his classes and his students!


  1. Praying for Jacob and the family. I miss my weekly Skype calls with Jacob. Take care and glad to read everything is going well.

  2. Thanks so much, Todd! I miss those encouraging Monday Skype calls too. It was my favorite part of the week. In fact, I'm going to see if you're available right now!