Monday, September 2, 2013

The Journey Home

Ready for the Journey Home
     A few days before we left, a group of us non-teaching wives went on an outing to Ikea, an import store, and Mexican food.  I had never been to an Ikea, and the one in Beijing is massive, so that was an adventure in itself.  After our tiring adventure, the best thing about this day was the Mexican food place.  It was different than what I was used to, but it tasted oh so good!!  After our outing, I was wanting Jacob and the kids to experience this deliciousness and have a taste from home, so I had the bright idea the night before we left when we were not all packed yet to go to this restaurant.  I was so excited, and, after all, it hadn't taken very long to get there.  I didn't count on Friday evening Beijing traffic.  Our taxi driver got lost, and by the time we got there it had taken us at least an hour and a half.
8 Kids on the Team
Two rice bags taped togther
Nevertheless, we eagerly enjoyed our food and the company of friends we had made.  We decided to take a short taxi to the subway to meet our friends who would then navigate us back to the hotel since that would be quicker.  Problem was our taxi driver dropped us off at the wrong subway stop( and I really think he was just annoyed with the baby crying and wanted us out of his vehicle).  We waited there for 30 minutes then decided to take a taxi home.  Traffic was worse on the way back, and we were gone about a total of 6 hours, all for the sake of a piece of home.  We got our tired grumpy kids to bed and proceeded to finish packing winding up with, once again a total of two hours sleep.  Frustrating as it can be, I believe it serves to make us pliable for His glory and purpose.
Finally Home!
Our Apartment Complex
Once we got to the airport, I thought security on domestic flights would be more relaxed.  Not so.  I had to completely unwrap my moby.  Xavier and I both got the pat down.  They x-rayed, sorted through, and rex-rayed our carry ons, and I was unnerved with security's prolonged interaction with Ephraim.  By the time we got to where we were to take a bus to board our plane, I was done.  Then I sat on the floor to nurse Xavier, and I watched our and our teammates children playing together.  I saw the surprised smiles of the people in the airport as they watched our children playing.  Then I felt it, this is worth it, and my heart melted.  We are both adoptive families, and at one point in our time in Beijing our teammates said it best, "It looks like we have the United Nations here."  Too sweet.  The rest of the journey was filled with anticipation to see our new home.  On the plane ride this cute German couple sitting next to me opened my lunch tray for me while I was nursing Xavier.  It was sweet and humorous at the same time.  It was so refreshing to walk out of the airport and see clear blue skies.  Then we got to our apartment.  We are home, and we are blessed.  Before and after pictures to come after we paint!

Showers of Blessings:
The kids don't complain as much about their legs hurting while walking
Friendly neighbors
The kids appreciate PB and J's. Tonight Eden said,"Mom, I'd like to order in a PB and J"
Facetime with friends and family
Xavier is 7 months
Jacob found butter and mozzarella!
Playgrounds for my children


  1. Praying daily for your sweet, beautiful family! Thanks for sharing this journey with us. Love you all!

  2. Praying for you! Hope the last few weeks of settling in have been full of blessings!