Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Ephraim's Birthday

Ephraim"s B-Day in China
Ephraim is six...we brought him home when he was three...he has almost spent half his life with us. I have grown to love him even more over these last few months here in China. He is a walking bundle of energy, enthusiasm, competition, surprising thoughtfulness, generosity, and clashing irony of stubbornness yet tenderheartedness.  I knew this birthday would be very different from his last two, mostly in good ways, mixed with the sadness of missing family. I really wanted him to feel special this day. The night before, I made his ninja turtle cakes, and sat them on the table for him to see when he woke up in the morning.  He woke up before the rest of us, and the next time I checked on the cakes, they had fingerprints in them.  We FaceTimed with my Mom before starting homeschool. It was both their birthdays at the same time since we are thirteen hours ahead.  After homeschool, we let him open one present early, a transformer from my Aunt Linda. He played with that while I finished making Ugandan food.  We had coop that day, and I was doing the lesson on Uganda. My friend made the beans, and I brought rice, ground nut sauce, and matoke (steamed mashed green bananas).  We had lunch, while the kids played, followed by the lesson on Uganda, a short video of Ephraim's adoption, and a craft of a gorilla face glued to a sucker.
Happy B-Day Banner
Turtle Race Game
Games by April
Then Ephraim played outside with his friends while Eden and I went home to prepare for the party. I traced words on a banner, and she colored them in and added ninja turtle faces. Jacob brought home take-out for supper, and Ephraim picket the menu: chopped chicken wing pieces with sweet potatoes, eggplant, and a cold cucumber carrot dish with peanuts.  I had asked Jacob to try to find wrapping paper at Walmart, which I didn't actually believe they would have, but, sure enough, he came home with a roll of wrapping paper. Or, was it?  It turned out to be a giant party popper, which was a fun and messy surprise. On to plan b: stick the gifts in an old moon cake bag.

Last Night of Being 5!
 Ephraim made a remark, and we had a short talk about why there were only two gifts on the table this year.  He had a great attitude about this change. Then, his friends arrived, and the fun began.  I asked a teammate, more gifted than I at fun and games, to prepare the entertainment for the evening. And she did a great job. The kids had a turtle drawing contest on top of their heads without peeking, a toilet paper turtle shell contest, a turtle eating contest with dried fish, and a turtle race with face paint, a coon hat, mittens, and a basket back pushing a turtle egg (ball).   It was a blast. After cake and opening presents, we ended the night with the giant party popper. What a fun and appropriate way to celebrate our son . We love you, Ephraim.
Showers of Blessing:
Cute little fingerprints in frosting.
Package from family arriving in time for party.
Sharing a birthday with Nana this year.
Fun little friends to play with.
Thoughtful entertainment provided by April.
Banner paper for Eden to share her love for art.
Giant party poppers are better than gift wrap!
Being able to prepare Ugandan food in China.
One happy birthday boy!

Poochy Lips
Giant Party Popper!


  1. That was awesome to read! Glad you all are doing well away from home! =D

    1. Thank you, Jeanna! Hope you and your family are doing well.
      Love, Sarah