Saturday, October 26, 2013

Our Protector

     So a few weeks ago I fell with Xavier in the ergo.  Every night since then, I have thought about blogging about it, but I just couldn't till now. It was on a Thursday, and the kids and I were leaving our P.E. portion of coop walking back home.  THANKFULLY Xavier was in the ergo securely fastened to me. THANKFULLY it had just started getting cold, and he had his thick wool hat on.

     THANKFULLY he had fallen asleep, and I had snapped his head supporter on, which helped to prevent whiplash. All throughout our complex there are small round metal posts that stick up out of the ground that they connect more metal to in order to prevent cars from driving through. I always carefully avoid them, but on this occasion as I was walking by, the bow of my shoelace caught a screw that was sticking out, and we went flying. I felt as if we were going in slow motion, and fear overwhelmed me. I caught myself on my hands and knees, and horrific dread consumed  me as I let out a scream when I heard Xavier's head hit the ground with a thud. All kinds of terrifying images went through my head in the second it took me to pull back the cover to check him.  He had about a two second delay in his cry, I'm sure from being stunned. I quickly got him out and rushed back to the other homeschool Mom's to check him out. Ephraim grabbed our backpack when I asked him to, like the little man he is.
     It was one of the most terrifying moments. One mom held him while I looked him over, and another started talking to our Father.  Looking back, I believe Father had His hand on us in that moment, cushioning our fall, which could have been so much worse, and reminding us of His presence.  We came out of it with a small bump on his head, and a few bruises and scrapes for me.
Being away from home, away from comfort, away from better medical care, away from family and friends has the benefit of making us depend on Him more, and often being more aware of His presence.  We are blessed.

"For you are my protector, my strong defense against my enemies."  Ps 61: 3     
                     Showers of Blessing:
Healthy happy children
The best tasting tart miniature pears
Date night with Jacob eating hot pot for the first time
Ephraim's curious questions about Moses

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