Friday, November 1, 2013

A Day at the Museum

Huge Dinosaur Behind Us
Last Friday we were treated by Katy and her brother to a day at the museum here in Changchun. Her brother works there, and we had the place practically to ourselves. We were greeted by white doves upon arriving, and it just got better from there.  One of the main attractions are the dinosaur bones and fossils. Most are replicas, but there are a few actual dinosaur bones found in China!  We were given headsets with English translation to which we punched in numbers that coordinated with numbers throughout the museum. The kids actually did better with this than I thought, and really enjoyed it. They are growing up, sigh.  It was so interesting seeing all the life-sized animals in their realistic looking habitats. It took a few hours to get through it all. By the time we got to the butterfly exhibit, the kids were ready to rush through it and get something to eat.

Real Dino Bones
Photo by Katy
By the time we got back to the car it was 2:00, and they hadn't had lunch yet, so I was gratefully surprised at how well they had behaved.  Katy had brought along some water and protein drinks made from wheat, black rice, and red beans.  I suggested we head home to grab lunch before Jacob and the kids headed to Taekwondo, but Katy though it would be easier if we headed to Gui Lin Lu, the street where Taekwondo is at, and grabbed lunch.  Not wanting to argue we agreed, and, before we knew it, we found ourselves being dropped off in the middle of a road with cars backed up behind us, honking loudly while we rushed to say goodbye and get out of the car.

We headed to McDonalds, which we thought would be an easy comfort meal.  It was tastier than in America as always, but every time we have ordered at McDonalds in China, they have never gotten our order correct, and we wind up having to place a second order.
Today was no different, and it was a moment that required extra grace. Jacob appeared at our table without a happy meal toy for Eden. Thankfully, once again, she had a great attitude.  In addition, we were short an order of fries, and had received two extra cheese burgers. Shortly, a staff member appeared with tiny samples of ice cream cones, as if to compensate for the miscommunication.  We gobbled down our familiar lunch, and started walking toward the brand new Starbucks. Eden had to use the bathroom, and I had a feeling they would have a western toilet. And, what do you know, they did!  After using the facilities, Jacob was gracious enough to leave me there to enjoy a coffee with sleeping Xavier while he walked the kids to Taekwondo.

23 lbs of Cuteness
Real Dino Bones from China
It had been a long day of walking while carrying his 23 lbs of cuteness in the ergo.  I relaxed, and people watched, and then grabbed a coffee for Jacob.  I dropped Xavier off with him for the last few minutes of Taekwondo, then went and grabbed our favorite street food for supper to take home.  When I got back, a friend of ours offered to drive us home so that we wouldn't have to take the bus.  He had to make a quick stop at a coffee shop to meet someone. We met a sweet girl there who is interested in tutoring us in Chinese! This day was full of surprises.  There was also a sweet Granny there who kept giving us little cookies, hot water, and Elizabeth melon.  It was Xavier's first time to have melon, and, boy, did he go after it.  We finally headed home, and had no trouble falling asleep.
Katy Always Taking Pictures

Showers of Blessing: 
Free day at the museum.
Free miniature ice cream.
Free ride home.
Free cookies, melon, and hot water.
Potential tutor.
Better attitudes from the kids than expected.           Western toilets!
Even Picture Menus Seem Upside Down

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