Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Fall, hair cuts, bread and catch up

There are a few things I've been meaning to catch up on in the last month.  For starters, Xavier turned 9 months.  He is growing so big, and can say "Mama, Ada, and Bubba."  He is pulling up on things and standing all the time.  He studies things carefully before taking action, and he likes to do things himself, like trying to drink a cup of water by himself, not wanting me to help him.  Ephraim loves math, and pretty much can do his math homeschool pages by himself.  He is slowly learning to read, and is not a fan of writing.  He loves practicing ninja moves, and has a varying palate.  Some days he likes cheese, others he can't stand it.
Eden, on the other hand, despised math initially, but is doing well now.  She is writing in cursive, and is drawing masterpieces with the set of colored pencils that I found her.  She seems to be the one in the family who takes the brunt of food born illness, having been sick a few times since being here.  Ephraim has the immune system of a rock; nothing phases him.  I suspect it has to do with the fact that I used to find him eating anything off the floor.
watching cartoons with
puke bowl nearby
     We know there are and will be a lot of changes for our family, but this first year, especially, we want to make things as familiar as possible for our kids.  So, when those in our org in our city decided to hold a fall fest for the kids, we were very excited.  In the states we would have attended our annual trunk or treat at our fellowship, so the kids were thrilled.  I had brought Eden's rapunzel dress and Ephraim's pirate costume with us to give them some imaginative play.
I thought they would choose those costumes, but I wanted them to have freedom and creativity.  Ephraim wanted to be Luke Skywalker.  I suggested his taekwodo outfit, but he preferred his Lego Starwars shirt to go with his hand-me-down lightsaber.  Eden announced she wanted to be Wonder Woman because that was Miss Monica's, my friend, favorite superhero.  Having never seen Wonder Woman, she didn't have any expectations of what to wear, so she put on her pink cape, made with love by Sarinda, another friend, two different bows in her hair, and asked for face paint.  I borrowed the face paint, and printed an LS on Ephraim and a tiara and W on Eden.  Then they were off with Daddy and some friends, toting their pumpkins to paint.  They came home with candy, painted pumpkins that never dried, and huge smiles after bobbing for apples, throwing balls in buckets, and other various games.  Success! So thankful to have other families here who know the importance of investing in our children.  Oh, and Xavier was not left out.  My Aunt sent him a bear costume in the mail that we could not button the top button on.  So we took some pictures, and then wrestled him out of it.  
     We also experienced some more firsts here in China.  Our first hair cuts!  I went with a teammate to get mine done, bringing Xavier along, and he was a big hit.  Everyone took turns holding him, but this guy seemed to enjoy it the most.  It was so precious, and a bittersweet reminder that every encounter I have here makes me concerned over their souls.  Jacob's haircut and mine were successful, but Ephraim came home with a bald spot in the front of his head and patches everywhere.  Jacob had to fix it up with his beard trimmer.  Another first for me  was that I got to make unleavened bread.  I love to bake, and felt honored and unworthy to make it, yet so grateful for the opportunity.

Showers of Blessing:
Fun baby babble
Ephraim doing math on his own
Eden doing better in math
Fall fest for kids
My kids have great imaginations!
Cute chunky baby too big for his costume
Friends who help us navigate life here
New opportunities

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