Friday, November 8, 2013


I try to have alone time with Father every day, but most of the time, I wind up reading in the living room while the kids are homeschooling, and I am sitting on the couch nursing Xavier.  Once a week for the past couple of weeks, Jacob stays home with the kids while I walk to a nearby coffee shop to have my weekly date with J.  It is one of my places of sanctuary.  When I am weary of homeschooling my two children, who are sometimes resistant to learning, while at the same time nursing and taking care of now 9 month old Xavier, it's a place of refreshment for me.  When I feel the oppression of the world around me caving in, it lifts my spirit.  When I am discouraged, it is here, alone with my Savior, that I find my strength and peace.  I walk in, and inspirational music plays while I am greeted by friendly faces.  I enjoy a hot drink and cookie for about $3 upstairs while I feast on the Word.  There's a gift shop downstairs that my Aunt Linda would love; full of plaques, bookmarks, calendars, wall hangings, and picture frames all with inspirational quotes on them.  Every time I come in, it feels like Christmas to me: the cold air outside, while I am warm and cozy inside, hot drinks, inspirational music, surrounded by like-minded people, some of whom are also reading the same thing.   Father uses these times to help prepare me for what's ahead, to humble me, and show me where I'm wrong, to encourage me, to help me plan the week ahead, to talk about my marriage and children.  It is priceless time.  I highly recommend a date alone with J once a week.

I have a special song for each of my children.  This is Ephraim's:

"L prepare me
to be a sanctuary
pure and holy
tried and true.
With thanksgiving
I'll be a living 
sanctuary for You."

Showers of Blessing:
Places of Sanctuary:
The coffee shop for my weekly dates with J
My apartment, thankful it feels like home
My husband and children, I am so blessed
Other weekly times of talking to Father with like-minded people


  1. I need to spend more time with Father, too. I am sure I would see the same results. Love you!

  2. I am so thankful you've found places of sanctuary and solace in a new place. They help you keep going!

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    1. Thanks! If you don't mind me asking, who is this?