Thursday, November 21, 2013

Winter Wonderland

Last week was the start of Changchun looking like a winter wonderland.  When we headed off to our weekly get together on Saturday, the city was dry and cold like in this first picture, but daylight.  When we left two hours later, it looked like the second picture.  None of us were quite prepared for this despite our high tech weather apps that are available now.  We were crossing traffic with the wind blowing heavily.  Jacob had a hold of Eden and Ephraim, while I was trying to cover Xavier's face with my scarf.  By the time we got to our next destination, our hands were close to numb, except for the kids who had their mittens.  After a bite to eat, we piled in a van with a family of seven, putting six kids in the back seat meant to hold only three.  
We were quite a site.  I was so grateful Xavier stayed asleep because he rarely takes that long of a nap.  Since then, the snow has been white, pretty, and fun to play in.  We are told by friends who have been here longer to enjoy it because it will soon be all different shades, and this same snow will still be here till April! At least we are guaranteed a white Christmas.  Hoping to get a family picture before it gets too discolored.  Falling is common in the winter here, so please lift us up, especially when carrying Xavier.

Showers of Blessing:
Warm apartment with the cold outside
Kids having fun in the snow
Cute Chinese snowmen
Get to have a white Christmas!
Kids who make the best of crowded situations
Stocked up on hot chocolate thanks to my Mom
Thermals arrived from our sweet laidies' class back home, even one's for Xavier, which I didn't think 

Notice the antlers they added to the statue for the holidays


Jacob making snow bricks for an igloo that were completely covered up the next day

View of our "backyard" 
Outside our apartment door
Looking out our living room window

Chinese snowmen

coal burning plant

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