Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas 2013 in Review

Here is a short review of some of our activities over the holidays:

Father-son date eating hot pot
Polar express party complete with hot chocolate, fun marshmallows, and coloring pages

My sweet friend who helps me stay sane

Not a great quality picture, but a moment I wanted to remember: my three children while they are still small, enjoying a Christmas movie together.

Our homeschool coop project taking bags of working gloves, fruit, cookies, nuts, candy, and pens to the workers in our complex

Coop Christmas party playing dirty santa.  Eden got a bag of red hots, which she gave to Jacob for Christmas, and Ephraim got a hero factory guy.

Christmas shopping with Kristalyn, who treated me to a Starbucks drink!

Xavier was sick for a very long week before Christmas.  I let him open a present from my Aunt Linda early because I so badly wanted him to play and be "normal" for a little while.  It was a really cool little smart car.

Poor sick baby.  Finally feeling better on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve dinner!  I made pasta fagioli soup, broccoli salad, molasses cookies, and Santa's snowflakes (my Granny's recipe).  Jonathan brought cinnamon rolls and amazing stuffed mushrooms, and Kristalyn brought 4 kinds of cookies.  The chocolate balls with mint were my favorite.  We watched the Muppet Christmas Carol, and Jacob read the real Christmas Story.

The kids in their Christmas pajamas, sent by my sister, sitting with Kristalyn in my Christmas present from Jacob and my family!  I have wanted a chair like this since I was a teenager, and they are much cheaper here in China.  :)

We miss our family, and "Aunt" Kristalyn is a great comfort to the kids

My happy baby is back!

Eden's note to Santa: Dear Santa for Christmas I want a bike a princess in the Pop Star one (veggie tales).  Don't be too hard on yourself.  Well, I actually I made up my mind for Christmas I want a Charlie Brown blue pen.  Merry Christmas  ( This was after I explained that it would be difficult to ride her bike on the ice.  :)
 Christmas Day lunch.  We ate Mexican food!
Christmas night I took Eden to my favorite coffee shop for some bonding time after a week of having my hands full with sick Xavier.  We worked on making a princess book.  We sat on the third floor because they were having a concert on the second floor.  Eden kept going over to watch.  Shortly this cute little Chinese boy, looking a few years older than Eden brought us 3 molasses cookies.  I had one, and Eden chowed down on the rest.  She went over to watch again, and I snapped this picture.  Sweet moments :)

I went to check on the kids after putting them to bed that night, and found Ephraim sleeping in the tent he got for Christmas.

Showers of Blessing:
All of the above.  It's a lot to be thankful for.

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  1. Oh, it all looks so festive and fun! You and Jacob are wonderful to make things so special for the kids! I can't get over how much Xavier has grown! Love you all!