Friday, December 27, 2013

Fruit and Spicy Duck Neck

A beautiful fruit basket and a variety of spicy food packages, including duck neck, were the gifts class four brought to our home this week.  Star fruit was a new fruit for us, and the kids loved it.  Not sure we will get to the duck neck...The menu last week was such a hit that I made the same thing this time, subbing banana bread for the nobakes.  This group, though smaller, was just as hungry.  In fact, I didn't even get any soup!  They were the shyest and most quiet group of all.  Part of this had to do with the lack of sleep they were getting from studying for finals.  Nevertheless, there was interesting conversation, as usual.  I found out C had the Julia Child cookbook that I had left at home, and she loves to cook.  We made a plan over the break to cook french food together.  One of the guys has read stories from the OT, and is currently reading the NT.
He had a lot of questions for Jacob, and we are so excited.  Jacob is hoping to spend more time with him in the near future, studying this.  K and W had a lot of deep questions.  They seem to have confused and searching hearts.  Many of the girls were interested in the ceramic nativity that we had on our table.  Thankfully, someone had left it behind for us to use.  I explained it, and They took pictures of it.  Eden and Ephraim were not quite themselves this time.  Eden was feeling shy, but still had fun with the girls making a Christmas book.  Ephraim was super hyper, talking in his squeaky voice, but still enjoyed winning at UNO with the students.  On a humorous note, one of the girls couldn't remember how to say kitchen.  She asked, "chicken or kitchen."  Adorable.  On a sweet note, we found out the last class loved coming to our place so much that they are making a video about it.

Showers of Blessing:
Star fruit
Family that sacrifices to send us packages, including my favorite Christmas movie as a surprise from my Mom, so comforting
Children still willing to interact with our students, even when they are hyper and shy
Our Father, our provider
Nativity left behind by others

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