Monday, December 30, 2013

Our Greatest Gift...

This Christmas our greatest gift came actually on December 12th.  My son is now my brother.  Twice adopted, he is part of a new family.  It was an ordinary evening after a long day.  We were tired, and considering giving up our regular bedtime routine of reading for advent, and just putting the kids to bed.  Jacob, however, decided to start reading, which led to discussion, and deep conversation.  Initially, Eden had some deep questions and emotions, but didn't quite understand.  I had felt this moment coming with Ephraim, however.  He listens intently, and asks amazingly deep and mature questions.  When he was ready we told him the seriousness of his committment, and he was still ready.  Let us not grow weary in doing good.  It is such a blessing and a burden lifted to know his sincerity.  It is a lifelong road ahead.  Please lift him up.  
Showers of Blessing:
Husband who makes the most of opportunities even when tired
Eden's searching heart

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