Thursday, December 26, 2013

Our Window

After we had decorated for Christmas one night, I looked out our living room window and felt emptiness.  I could see literally hundreds of apartment windows, and not a single one was lit up with a tree for this special holiday.  Growing up in Africa, I was used to our tree being the only one I knew of in the village that we lived in.  We even decorated a plant one time.  However, it wasn't because there was no one who knew what this holiday was about.  There were many who didn't, but we would still spend that day with our whole fellowship in our yard for a feast.  My parents donated the meat and filled huge igloos full of koolaid.  An elder, Kwame Paul, loooved koolaid, and it was always fun to see him laugh, continuously filling his cup.  The kids played soccer, the men talked, and the women cooked the best African food I have ever tasted.  We shared that day with like minded people.  Those are some of my favorite memories.  Here few know what it is really about.  Most we come in contact with have never heard the story.  Despite this overwhelming void, I know that He is pursuing hearts.  I hope when people pass by and see the tree lights shining from our window, that they wonder why, deep in their soul.  Then, I hope they do everything they can to find out.

Showers of blessing:
Thankful to know the reason for the season
Pandora's holiday music
Parents who modeled generosity, hospitality, and loving people
Sweet memories

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