Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Fruit That Will Last!

Ephraim Napping
Allow me (Jacob) to brag on my son, Ephraim.  He recently joined the family and he's been telling  me he wants to learn more about the Father. Today we started Day 1 of, "Secrets of the Vine Book Study: Breaking Through to Abundance" by Bruce Wilkerson.  Ephraim was really engaged during the study especially because his name means "fruitfulness" and this is a study about eternal fruit.  

Here is the bragging part: almost every day for the past 3 years Ephraim has had to take an afternoon nap. Maybe half of each time Sarah or I tell the kids, "it's nap time" there is some sort of protest but not today!

As I had Xavier strapped in the Ergo and was walking him to sleep, I was thinking of how I should approach Ephraim's nap time in light of what we studied today. I called Ephraim to come have a walk with me and we simply reviewed today's lesson. I asked him, "Who is the Vine? Who are the branches? and Who is the Gardener?"  He answered correctly to each question.  Then I asked him, "What kind of fruit does the Father want us to produce? Good or bad?"  He answered, "Good" and explained in detail his understanding of good and bad fruit.

Then it was time to bring it all home. I said, "Ephraim, after learning about producing good fruit and if I told you "it's nap time".  What would you say to me?"  To my reluctant ears, Ephraim said, "Yes, Daddy!" 

Then I proceeded to tell him, "It's nap time, Eph." He simply said, "Ok".  I was so proud of him that I started to cry and gave him a big hug.  I told him how proud I was of him and that he just produced good fruit today...fruit that will last!  I told him to go potty and get in bed.  He saw the huge smile on my face and he said, " Are you smiling, Daddy?"  I told him the Heavenly Father and I both are smiling at you and gave him another hug and kiss good-nap.

I love my son and look forward to many more of these times with him!


  1. What a heartwarming story! You and Sarah are excellent teachers for your children. Miss you all.

  2. Thanks, V! We've both had great parents and teachers pour into our lives. It's a joy to share His truth with our kiddos! Miss you all too...summer's not too faraway.