Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Party with Class 5

Catching up again.  We finally got to have Jacob's adult professional class over for a party a short while before Christmas.  There were only about seven of them this time.  I made a veggie tray, breadsticks with marinara, sand tart cookies because they aren't very sweet, and Christmas cookies.  We had it in the afternoon, so I didn't serve a meal this time.  I was concerned about the Christmas cookies being too sweet, and sure enough, one of Jacob's students, K (mentioned in previous posts), ate hers with a breadstick to cut the sweetness!  I honestly didn't get to spend a lot of time with this group because Xavier was fussy and needed a nap.  Jacob, however, was able to share the real Christmas story with them.  
They played a game where they put the story in correct order, and they played dirty santa.  We were given gifts of german chocolates, honey, tea, oranges, and a night light in the shape of a famous building.  I was sad not to be able to get to spend much time with them.  This was their last day of class, and the program won't be available next semester.  I gave them each my phone number, so they had an opportunity to contact me.  One of them later texted me to wish me Merry Christmas.  There were three of them that I especially connected with, and am hopeful to meet again in the future.  
Showers of Blessing:
Funny moments of eating breadsticks with Christmas cookies
Sharing the real Christmas story
Student giving us a card with Merry Christmas in Chinese and English
Chocolate to make chocolate chunks for my baked goods

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