Thursday, February 27, 2014

Our Trip, in a Nutshell

I made the kids lay back and chill for a few minutes.  
After a while, they didn't mind...

We went to Thailand for two weeks during the winter break, missing much of the fireworks for spring festival.  Most of Jacob's students were at home with their families, so we got to enjoy some warm weather and great fellowship.  After three flights and an overnight stay in Kunming, China, we arrived to sunny Thailand and took a red truck to our hotel.  We stayed in two separate hotels and one amazingly inexpensive getaway in the mountains.  It's definitely one of the most beautiful places I've ever been to.  It's been a mostly nice trip with a few snares including me being up all night one night when someone walked by our bedroom window to our hut at midnight, Jacob being on Cipro for tummy issues, a vaccine for X, the Dr said Eden's gland would be fine in a few weeks from a month long illness that she got two doses of antibiotics for since we had know way of knowing what it was. It's almost gone now. I got cheated out of about a little less than two dollars at the night market. One day Eden accidentally pushed the stroller into a small coffee table and shattered the glass.
Amazing BBQ
They wanted to charge us about $80 but accepted $50. It definitely was not worth that.   Xavier had a cough. Ephraim spilled boiling tea on my leg and gave me a burn. Eden busted her lip on a tile floor, and Xavier had a tummy bug when we arrived home, and I can't remember the last time I've been so exhausted. However, we have enjoyed yummy treats that we haven't had in months like Pizza Hut, Thai food, Reese's, donuts, BBQ, swimming pool, a cave that we didn't realize was a Buddhist temple till we were in, but the kids enjoyed crawling through the small holes and seeing bats!  Mountains, a night safari, a Game Center with the kids, sweet fellowship that we hadn't had in months, great conversation and meaningful team time. Best of all, my greatest hope was that my kids would miss Changchun.  Eden has been very vocal lately especially about Locust Grove being home with Kelsey and her tree house.  On the way back, they were looking forward to seeing their friends, little Jacob and Rachel.  Eden said she missed her room and things in it.  Because of our transition lifestyle, we want our kids to know that home is where He has you in that moment and where your family is.

Showers of Blessing:
Precious friends
Decent healthcare
Inexpensive places to recharge
Yummy missed food and fun new food
Swimming pool
Mountain quiet time
Kids missing home!

Ice sculpture on the way to the airport

Our main way of transportation in Thailand

Inside red truck with friend, Tom

Green curry and fried rice with watermelon and mango smoothies for the kids
Pad Thai
Night safari with our friend, Esther

Feeding a porcupine

Which one is King Julien?
Bengal cubs. This is sad
Adorable kangaroo with baby in pouch
Highlight of the safari: Eph getting licked by a giraffe

This majestic creature wanted to catch a ride with us
Eph can sleep anywhere
Apparently Eden's getting there
Random dog statue
The kids found Turbo in the mountains
The earth reveals His handiwork. Breathtaking

First rocking horse ride!

Sun kissed rosy cheeks

On the way to the cave
Snack after cave exploring
It's been to cold where we live to use the stroller. It took some getting used to
Eden was thrilled with this
Riding with their friend, Nate
Wiped out!
Thai tea
What Eph thinks of fresh coconut milk
What Eden thinks of fresh coconut milk