Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Baby Talk

     I'm not sure about you, but one of my favorite stages of development for babies is when they're learning to talk.  For the first year of their precious lives, they are soaking up thousands of words and sounds.  Those words and sounds begin pouring out like a river of baby babble and gibberish after one year or so.  Xavier has spent more than half of his short life in China.  He primarily hears English from Sarah, myself (Jacob), Eden, Ephraim and our teammates.  However, he also has been exposed to a lot of Chinese sounds for the past 8 months.  We have a dear Chinese friend who comes to our house often.  She love Xavier so much!  If I'm holding him when she comes through the door, he'll start jumping up and down in pure excitement for her to hold and love on him.
     Xavier has been crawling with great speed, trying to keep up with his brother and sister for a few months now.  This past month we've been really working with him to start walking.  Our chinese friend especially enjoys walking him around the apartment.  As she walking him around she says, "yī--èr--yī" in Chinese which means "1--2--1".  He has heard these sounds "yī--èr--yī" several hundred times from our dear friend.  One day this week as I was walking Xavier around, I thought I heard him say "yī--èr--yī" but I didn't believe my ears.  A few moments later, I heard him clearly say it again!
     Tomorrow, Sarah and I begin the journey of learning Mandarin from a tutor.  Although, we don't soak up the sounds of new language like babies.  We both desire to communicate in the heart language of our new friends and students.  I know I'll have lots of babble and gibberish coming out of my mouth that doesn't make since.  All this babble will one days form a language that will allow us to communicate with our wonderful Chinese friend and students in their heart language just like Xavier's babble will one day let us have wonderful conversations with him one day very soon!
    Please enjoy this video of Xavier's "Baby Talk".


  1. HA! LOVE the awesome video! Samuel watched it with me and he kept pointing to the screen saying "bebe"

  2. Hey Kim! Glad you and Samuel enjoyed the video. If you have an iPad you can buy the iMovie app and make even more AWESOME videos than this! If we all stick around long enough, X and Samuel will be buddy's.

  3. So fun to see Xavier as he is growing. And Eden sounds so much older....miss you all and love you!

  4. We miss you and your wonderful family too, Verla! It seems like it was just yesterday that Eden was the baby in the family.