Friday, April 25, 2014

Easter Blessings

The beginning of celebrating Easter arrived 10 days before when we received the Easter-birthday package from my Aunt Linda filled with yummy Easter goodies and new shirts for the kids.

I started curing my own ham for the first time five days before Easter, thanks to curing salts gifted by a friend here.

Jacob got to share about Easter in class since it is a national holiday, but that's another story coming up in our newsletter.  If you don't get our newsletter, and would like to receive it, please private message us your address!

Homemade Resurrection eggs.

On our way to our first seder service

No new Easter garments this year, but their hearts are shining bright!

"Let your beauty be that of your inner self"

Coloring eggs

The ham turned out great, yay!  Kristalyn brought yummy yeast rolls, her famous sugar cookies, and two friends!  Our future teammate, Erica, brought a cheesy delicious potato casserole and a salad with homemade balsamic vinaigrette.  The rest of the meal included Granny's recipe for deviled eggs, refridgerator pickles, cornbread salad, broccoli casserole, veggie tray with spinach dip, and coconut pie.

The crew, minus Jonathan, who arrived after the picture was taken.

Friends plotting on where to hide eggs.  Erica brought some extra plastic ones filled with candy, much to the kids delight!

Kristalyn enjoyed finding challenging spots to hide them.  Though she is highly intelligent and a great critial thinker, she is also full of grace and gave lots of helpful hints, one of the many things I love about her.  

Xavier was happy to just watch and play with one egg.

Ephraim found 26, and Eden found 25.  That extra one fed the competitive spirit in Ephraim, and Eden cheered him on, using her gift of encouragement.

What usually happens when we try to take a family photo:  Mass chaos!!

Adorable baby belly

Showers of Blessing:
Easter package of fun yummy treats from Aunt Linda
Friend sharing curing salt so that we could have ham!
Students enjoying the real Easter story with joy
First time to attend seder service
Coloring eggs
Friends that feel like family and new friends
Chubby baby bellies
Friends that enjoy my kids
Being here because He is risen!

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