Thursday, April 24, 2014


Harps in China!
There are several little places around our apartment complex that we shop from. We have The Fruit Stand,  The GZY store just outside our gate, and "Harps."  While walking to this store one day with Ephraim, I realized that we had nothing to call it.  We couldn't read the Chinese characters, and so Eph and I nicknamed it Harps to make it feel more like home, although it is nothing like our Harps in Locust Grove.  Here are a few pics from a little store we frequently go to.

This is where we buy our Fresh Eggs
Packaged Noodles
Nuts, Seeds & Dried Products

Fruit and Soy Sauce
Fresh Fish but we don't buy it



  1. Come on now....why dont you buy the "fresh" fish? Lol

  2. Is this Aunt Ruth? I'm guessing you know why we don't buy the "fresh" fish here! In fact, those sad looking tanks are now dried up. However, we did have fish for supper tonight.

  3. Wow! big store! In ours you kind of have to climb over the boxes and tanks. But the chickens are fresh - still alive in cages!!

  4. That's funny, Beth. This is kind of a small store compared to our Wal-Mart. However, I think you're enjoy a more traditional Chinese experience!