Monday, May 19, 2014

My Daughter, My Sister

A few months ago, I found myself in the valley, and I could not bring myself to blog.  I spent all my time that I would have been blogging alone in the Word to nourish my own soul.  It was during this time, however, that one of our greatest blessings happened, and I have been trying to put the words, though my own are not adequate enough to express our joy, in a blog post. On 3/2/14, my daughter became my sister.  For years I have asked Father that my children would come to know him at an early age, and that it would be genuine.  Many times, Eden has heard the Word, and I have seen her mouth the words on her own, but I could tell she did not understand.  We would share and explain but not prompt.  It had to be her decision.  On this particular day, I encouraged Jacob to go with a friend and take Eden and Ephraim to an African fellowship here in town.  
I felt strongly that they should go.  While there, Jacob noticed Eden drawing, and thought she was just creating some art work like she loves to do.  Then she showed him she had made a card with a picture of the Son on the front, and a letter to Father asking for forgiveness and requesting His presence in her heart.  It was such a precious way to receive Him that was uniquely Eden.  She received communion for the first time that day.  It gives extra joy to my heart to know that I received Father in Africa, and she received him surrounded by Africans, and in China of all places!!  3 John 4   I could have no greater joy than to hear that my children are following the truth.
Showers of Blessing                                                    Eden became my Sister                                   Surrounded by African Family                                    And it's on paper, Tis so sweet to trust in J!