Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Baby sports day/BBQ with transfer students

I have gradually become friends with another mom, J, in the complex.  She has two children, and Eden gave her young baby boy his English name.  She was friendly from the beginning, and invited me to a sports day for kids.  I had no idea what to expect when I got there.  It was at a place called Gymboree, not the cute clothing store.  Thankfully, Kristalyn went with me.  It would have been utter chaos otherwise transporting the three kids, and caring for them in such a crowded place.   When we got there, we were given socks to wear, and the children had their temperature checked with an ear thermometer.  

I found J, and discovered that the games for the older children were in a different building.  I didn't feel comfortable sending them away, and even her older daughter didn't want to go, Eden and Ephraim had to stay and watch the babies.  I discovered that all the families here were from our apartment complex, which was a cool way to meet other moms.  I even met a Congolese mom, and got to practice my French.

The festivities started off with a cheer from the employees, pom poms included.  Then we were divided into groups.  Xavier was in the oldest group.  We then paraded around the place in our groups with our kiddos to warm up.  The crawlers went first for their races.

This was my friend's baby.  He was quite adorable, though not too happy about racing.

It was hilarious and precious.

The second age group had to climb over hurdles.  It was adorable how excited the parents and grandparents got over their little ones.

There was a fun airplane swing for Xavier to play in while waiting for his turn.

Finally, he was up.  Kristalyn had him at the start line, then he crawled through the tube with a ball that he had to put through a loop.  He did quite well, in my opinion, and even received a plastic winning medal.  We had a few minor incidents that frazzled my maternal nerves, and decided it would be a good idea to walk home instead of taking a taxi.  The walk took about an hour, and turned out to be exactly what we needed.  It helped that Kristalyn was with us, and I could have a comforting chat with her.  

That night we had some dinner guests.  Jacob has two students from Taiwan who are only here for one semester.  We have the greatest thing in common with both of them, and that itself was so encouraging.  A knows how to play the piano, and gets to share her skills with others once a week.  We requested the use of her skills to encourage Eden, and she played Pachelbel's canon.  

They were both very quiet, but seemed to enjoy the meal made up of bbq pork, potato salad, spiced roasted green pumpkin, fruit, and one of the three brownie mixes I brought with me.  Eden decided she wanted a potato salad sandwich with her bbq on the side, so they copied her.  :)

We chatted a long time afterwards, and the kids begged to watch a movie on the ipad in Eph and Xavier's room.  Xavier thinks he is a big kid now too, and always wants to be involved in what Eden and Ephraim are doing.  It was a full and funny day.

Showers of Blessing:
New friends with sweet kids
Different and fun opportunities
Toddler who is a good sport
Getting to use my french
Long walks with comforting chats
Dinner with friends with common interests
Pretty music
Brownies from America
Children who eat potato salad sandwiches
Toddler who loves his sibblings

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