Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Changchun Library

A few days after sports day, my friend J invited me to go to the library with her.  There are two in Changchun.  I had seen her a couple days before returning with children's books for her daughter, and asked her if they had any English books.  Since she wasn't sure, I thought it would be fun to take Eden with me and investigate.  There is a bus you can take, but since she was bringing her baby, we took a taxi.  

There were three levels of childrens books made  up of a small room on each level.  We went up a staircase, down a hall, and down another staircase.  We did find some books that were in Chinese and English.  We chose 7 books, including Snow White and Alice in Wonderland.  I had to preview the books first because one of the books suggested by the librarian was about a girl who wouldn't eat and had pain in her stomach.  Hmmm.  Not quite ready for that one.  Anyways, I was so grateful to find an alternative to the small Myers library at home.  They even had The Trumpet of the Swan on the second level.  That was the only English book I remember seeing on that level.  It's so nice to have another indoor alternative for the kids with the coming winter.  J was kind enough to give me her library card till I can bring Eden and Ephraim's passports to get one made for them.

Aren't they precious!

Showers of Blessings:
Sweet friends who share their resources
Different English books
Fun outing with Eden
Indoor alternatives for upcoming winter

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