Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Field Trip

Last week, the kids had been going strong with four and a half weeks of homeschool, so Jacob and I decided to skip a day, and take them on a field trip to the zoo before it got too cold.  It's a good thing we did since it's been rainy and cold this week with our first snow flurries that didn't last too long, but still...I keep trying to mentally prepare myself for the coming winter, but with my history of living in Africa, I can't help but dread the cold.  Anyway, we were so excited to visit the Changchun zoo for the first time!

This was the map posted at the entrance we used.  As you might guess, we did a lot of walking, and there were a lot more animals than I had imagined. 

There were also some adorably amusing signs: Please don't TOP on the glass.

This baboon was impressive.  I was fascinated by his furry mane.

There were so many different kinds of moneys.

We got to witness a humorous moment of a Momma monkey next to her baby drinking from a water bottle.  However, I'm pretty sure we got as many pictures taken of us, as we took of the monkeys. :)

Love this pic of my guys.  Ephraim had seen a picture of himself without glasses that day, and decided he wanted to pose without them throughout the day.

Changchun has many plant sculptures throughout the city, and there were several impressive ones at the zoo.  X loved being free from the stroller for a while, but not enough to cooperate in the picture :)

Red panda.  No black and white pandas here, though.  We have yet to see a live panda in China.

Momma kanga with baby in pouch.  So precious!

I wish I had a better picture of this snow tiger.  Its' face was so fierce.

I am still puzzled about this set of sculptures: maybe seals with hats?

While Jacob figured out the map, the kids took a snack break of hawthorne fruit roll up things and pocky sticks: cookie sticks with flavored coating.  This one was strawberry.

Lovely view from one of the bridges at the zoo. 

A small amusement park was connected to the zoo.  We didn't visit, much to the kids' dismay.  They got over the disappointment quickly, though.

Eph with my favorite animals: giraffes

The first part of the giant staircase we climbed, just for fun.  X climbed them all while holding Jacob's hands.

The second part.

Tai chi at the zoo.

Favorite sculpture toward the end.  We saw many more animals than the pictures I posted.  It was a fun and successful field trip.

Showers of Blessing:
Conquering several weeks of homeschool already
A fun zoo to visit, my favorite animal included
Lots of space for X to run around, and not many people at that time
Beautiful weather that day
Pretty sculptures
Import store just a short walk away to buy butter and cream
Funny signs
Cute Momma and baby animals
Fun memory making with my children
Father's majesty expressed once again through his animals: some sweet, some funny, some fierce, 
  some small, some large, some seemingly insignificant but with great purpose.

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