Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Summer in America from Student Perspective

Five of our students spent part of their summer in America.  Jacob and I lifted them up while they were there, hoping that they would meet encouraging and helpful people.  They are precious, and we wanted them to have a positive experience.  They came over, and chatted with us about their trip while munching on peanut butter bars, small oranges, veggies and dip.  Then they each showed us photos and explained their trip.  K worked in a University cafeteria in Colorado.  S worked in a fancy seafood restaurant in New Jersey.  V, T, and E all took tours of University campuses.  V and T visited 9 campuses in 9 states in 20 days, including Harvard, Stanford, and Berkley.  Some of this is paraphrased, but here are some of the things they said: "I missed Chinese food."  "There is a fellowship on every campus."  "If I go to America, will it be difficult for me to get an internship?"  "The clothes are so cheap."  "The food is so expensive."  "I bought books at Dollar Tree."  (One of the books was our favorite book.)  "I went to fellowship twice.  I liked shaking hands, and I ate the bread."  "I went to fellowship, and I fell asleep."  

Moment that sticks out in my mind was when V got up from the table.  Xavier was in his toddler seat, and wanted V to get him out.  V thought it was cute, but kept talking to him, avoiding picking him up.  I got the impression he wasn't sure how to hold a little one, so I unbuckled Xavier, and handed him to a surprised V.  He wasn't quite sure what to do, but I was sure that it was good for him. ;)  He handled it very well, and Xavier was very happy with him.  He even almost fell asleep.  It was a long, but good evening, with some deep meaningful conversation at the close.

Showers of Blessing:
 of our home country from our students
Gift of green tea accompanied by, "It has little fat."
Friendly kids, ever thankful
More insight into the lives of those we care about
Meaningful conversation