Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Class Party #1 Fall 2014

We had our first class party about a month ago, and I am finally catching up.  This year we decided to have snacks instead of full meals, especially since many of the girls don't eat dinner anyways.  Jacob's students arrived about 15 minutes early with endearing enthusiasm.  

After thanking Father for the food, they dug in to banana and pumpkin bread, oranges, and popcorn.  They are used to sweet kettle-like corn, so they were surprised to tasted buttered salty popcorn.  

They seem to enjoy looking at our photo albums and remarking on the differences in our families.  This girl in the purple shirt, L, was especially attentive to our kids, and even wound up coming to Ephraim's birthday party later after she had purchased a gift for both him and Eden.  

Xavier always has a huge fan club, and he is thankfully getting friendlier.  

Ephraim loves to entertain with games.

Eden showed off her piano skills, and produced lots of happy sounds by drawing portraits of students.

The most exciting thing about the party with this group of students was seeing one of them at a gathering the next Sunday, of His doing, not ours.  Jacob and I could not help but be moved to tears.  

Showers of Blessing:
Enthusiastic friendly students
My children, who use their gifts to love on others
Sweet generous L
A familiar face at a Sunday gathering
A gift of mangos that tasted like Africa