Saturday, November 15, 2014

Class Party # 3

Class party number three was a party of encouragement to us.  We found out we share our most common interest with not one, but three students in the class!  Incredible!  We were blessed to have two of our teammates, Erica and Gretchen, join us for this party.  Erica arrived after the group picture.

Lovely teammate Erica chatting with a group of girls.

Our students were so impressed and enthused with how long Gretchen has lived in China.  They always want to know how long we plan to be here.

Xavier was grumpy initially, as usual, and did not want to be handled.  However, I gave a student one of his favorite books (about Thanksgiving), sat him in her lap, and he soon forgot about me.  He was immediately surrounded.

Reading with M.  I love how Father uses our children to show others His love.

Ninja Turtle game with Ephraim.

More story time with Xavier.

Chatting and games.  Xavier sat with this group for 30 minutes playing with Sequence tokens.  I wish I had known about this sooner!  I need more ideas to keep his attention while I'm homeschooling.


Eden drawing J's portrait.  She always has a long line for this.  They love it, and talk about how special it is.

Jacob hanging out in the kitchen with C and F.

What a great night.  We received: pomelo, pomegranate, apples, dragon fruit, grapes, cookies, carmel puffcorn, juice, and beef jerky.

Showers of Blessing:
Three precious students who are like family, and who share their joy
Teammates who shared their time and energy
Fresh fruit
Mushy apples turning into delicious cinnamon applesauce
Bland dragon fruit and pomegranate with tough seeds turning into yummy smoothies
The  fun and sweet impacts my children have, even as little as Xavier
Hot tea, chocolate, and reading the Noticer with Jacob

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