Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Class Party #4

Father never ceases to amaze me.  When we are weak, He is strong.  When our expectations are low, He astounds us.  The day of this party was long.  I was not feeling well, and considered asking Jacob to postpone this party.  However, I felt that wouldn't be the right thing to do, and, reluctantly, said nothing.  This class has been Jacob's most challenging to teach because of lack of participation, and, initially, he was disappointed when he noticed that three of his guy students didn't show up.  I think it's safe to say that neither of us expected much from this party.

Yet,...we had the most meaningful conversations of any party that we have had.  If the other three guys had been here, conversations would probably have been much different.  One girl, M, tearfully shared her life story with Jacob, and he shared acceptance and encouragement with her.  Recently, several girls have shared about being left home alone at as young as four years old because their parents had to work.  

Two girls, A and T, noticed everything about our house that had to do with Father, and asked so many good questions.

Tonight Eden was a cowgirl, and whoever was in the room had to wear some kind of head gear: clown mask, headband, lei feng hat, and chef's hat.

Monopoly was Ephraim's game of choice this time, and his posing skills continue to increase.

Last picture of Eden with her baby front teeth.

The next day we pulled one.

Showers of Blessing:
Surpassed expectations
The right people at the right time
Gift of Chinese children's book
Toothless smiles
That His strength prevails
Eden and Ephraim's imaginations, awesome
Getting to hear guests speak who live in Israel, and watching the impact their talk had on our kids 
   (Eden drew so many pictures while they were speaking, including a picture of her floating in the dead 
Eating pita bread and hummus from Jerusalem

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