Saturday, December 27, 2014

Seeing Christmas Through My Children

In the midst of often times meaningless commercialism, meaningful fun, family bonding, parties, activities, traditions, and annual baking, I latch on to the true meaning of Christmas and desire to know what Father wants me to see about it this year.  I want it to mean more and more to my children each year, as much as I want to know more of it myself.  It has been a joy this year to see His faithfulness.  I wanted to share how I saw Christmas this year through each of my children, and things I hope they remember about having it here.

He is barely less than two years old now, yet there is already so much depth to his life story.  This Christmas season, Xavier has been obsessed with stars and angels.  One of my teammates said it best:  Father has been captivating us by stars and angels for years.  It's so true.  This year that is how He is speaking to Xavier's little heart, wooing him early on.  He won't let me put him to bed without singing The First Noel and Angels We Have Heard on High.  He notices stars and angels everywhere, on each tree that he has seen, in each nativity, in every book and cartoon that contains them.  It is precious.  For Christmas, one of our teammates gave him his own container of miniature star and angel cookies.  Father has used him to bring joy to our students.  It was so delightful to see him really appreciate gifts for the first time.


Ephraim is a fun magnate, an extravert full of energy!  He is the life of the party, yet full of surprises.  This Christmas I, once again, saw his heart for orphans and hurting little ones.  While lifting up an orphan in the hospital, he said, "Mom, if I was there, I would hold that baby," and I know that he would.   While teaching students to make their first Christmas card, with boldness he told them Father loved them.  He is generous.  Giving is his love language, and he insisted on buying me a Christmas present.  
He has been shy about speaking Chinese, but he learned Merry Christmas, and spoke it often.  He loves playing games at parties, and especially enjoys the fact that we don't pay as much attention to how many snacks he eats at them!


This Christmas, Eden learned more about servanthood.  Her love language is time.  She helped me decorate gingerbread for students, she shoveled snow with Jacob and the students, she taught them how to make paper snowflakes, and played Christmas carols on the keyboard.  She drew pictures and gave them away.  She shared her talents.  She has a heart for the lost.  I saw her heart break for those she knows who are lost, sometimes to the point of tears.  She also rejoiced when she heard of hearts being more open.  She cherishes regular family time, and always reminds us when it's family movie night.  She expressed how much she loved our students, and how fun they were.  She showed me she loved me by writing a note expressing that she wants to spend more time with me.  

Together, it was fun watching them be fascinated by the things I taught them, such as how children around the world celebrate Christmas.  They put on a nativity play Christmas Eve.  They sang together, shopped together, cleaned together, made cards together, read together, and played together.  They watched their father share the Christmas story with people who have never heard it together.   Eden and Ephraim played together with Xavier.  There are many children to play with here, but Eden and Ephraim tell me often they love playing with each other the most.  I hope they always remember this, especially when sister is too bossy and brother is too ornery.  

Showers of Blessing:
Father who shows His love through my children
Children who are loving, generous, deep, delightful, cute, serving, energetic, surprising, compassionate, bold, tenderhearted, creative, have a heart for orphans, have a heart for the lost