Saturday, February 7, 2015

Change of Heart


We are adopting!! We are adding hearts to our home.  Yes, you read that right.  Plural.  Father turned our world upside-down in a matter of weeks.  We are working with Children's House International.  A few days ago we received pre-approval from China on a sweet little girl, and we are waiting and trusting for pre-approval on a precious little boy.  Initially, I hesitated to share with you about our sweet boy till we had preapproval, but I felt the more people lifting him up, the better.  
The Plan  Up until our time at the beach in Thailand, we fully intended to return to the states this summer for many reasons.  We had adoption on our hearts, but thought it would come later.  I thought it was important to go back and refresh my skills as a nurse.  We thought we could take a home leave, and then return.  We Truly love China.  We wanted to get a small home in America as a home base to bring consistancy and security for our kids in their constant transition.  These are all good things.  Then, I woke up one morning... It's difficult to fathom that a single day can change your whole life course, but Father is full of surprises, and His plans are always better than ours.  
Change of heart  One morning when I woke up the kids were still asleep.  I decided to check facebook, and was excited to see a former classmate from boarding school was on his way to South Africa to bring his three sons home.  I later had a conversation with a girl in our org. who is adopting from Sierra Leone.  That night I got to know Amanda who was staying at the same guesthouse.  Amanda has 12 children.  7 were adopted from China.  She answered so many questions for Jacob and I, and was so encouraging.  Not only did she adopt children, but she now works for CHI and is our caseworker.  Over the next few weeks, Father burdened our hearts and made us realize that Now was the time to bring home our daughter, and, not just our daughter, our son.  Allow me to back up just a little.  When I was about 15 years old, attending boarding school in Ivory Coast, the campus nurse took a group of us on Saturdays to the local orphanage to spend time with the kids.  It was life changing.  I wrote a paper on orphan girls in China.  From that time on, I knew in my heart that Father wanted me to adopt a son from Africa and a daughter from China.  We are so blessed with Ephraim, and I have literally been waiting half my life to meet my daughter.  Jacob and I have been in agreement about adoption since we were seriously dating.
What we didn't know  Did you know that 75% of waiting children in China are boys?  We didn't.  Amanda and her husband have adopted one daughter and six sons.  We rather quickly became burdened for the boys and felt Father impressing it on our hearts to not forget His sons.  I will tell more about that in another post.  Long story short, we were both drawn to an adorable boy.
What we know   I plan to share more of what brought us to these specific kids later.  In the meantime, here are a few things we know.  Father has been and is preparing our whole family for this.  The kids have been after us for years to adopt again.  We also had it on our hearts, but they didn't let us forget. We are excitied and want them home already, but we know with adoption there is lots of intervening, waiting, costs, waiting, paperwork, waiting, educating about trauma, waiting, more paperwork, waiting, and more waiting.  It is also a huge opportunity to trust Father to be glorified and work it out for good.  Please understand that we are still very much involved in the work we have been doing here.  We believe Father will also use this.  We had a student over today who we were sharing our news with.  Out of everything we told her, she said she was going to remember that Father is love.
How are we preparing   We are lifting them up daily.  We are currently reading The Connected Child.  We are saving.  We are having conversations with our kids about what it might be like when we bring them home.  We are talking with Eden and Ephraim about the fact that they won't speak English, they won't know the rules, they may not know what isn't appropriate, they will need a lot of attention.  Bless our sweet kids.  They are brainstorming fundraisers on their own.  Eden's idea was to make a band, and charge for a concert. Ephraim wanted to turn our books into a library, and charge people to check them out.  Precious.  They are so excited.  Ephraim is so happy that the boys will still outnumber the girls.  He's also glad to have someone else to play with.  He's a true extrovert.  Alone time is torture for him.  Eden has been wanting to share her room with her sister for a very long time.  She already has toys and clothes that she wants to give her, and she has shed sweet tears over her and him.
How you can help  Please lift up our family:  health and safety for them while we are apart, that all of our hearts would be prepared to unite, that the finances would come in quickly and easily, that paperwork would move quickly and easily, that we would be united as a family within a year.  Please consider giving.  There's a button at the upper right hand corner of this blog where you can donate to bring our kids home.  It's a bit challenging fundraising from a distance.  Would you consider doing a fundraiser for us?  You could have a garage sale, a car wash, a bake sale, organize a 5k, have a children's group fill piggy banks, is there something that you are willing to give up and donate the proceed?  Please share our story, especially with your kids.  They may one day be friends with our kids.  I am so greatful to the nurses who took us on those outings.  I have purposefully been providing opportunities for my kids to keep adoption on their hearts.  They have lifted up orphans, been to an institution, and donated to a children's hospice here in China.    Eden says she wants to adopt one day.  We will need everything a person needs for two extra kids.  If you have any items you would like to donate (books, clothes, I would love weighted blankets for them for initial sleep and sensory issues, etc) you can give them to my parents.  Consider adopting a waiting child yourself.  There are so many kids that have been waiting for a forever family.  They are dear to Father's heart.  Thank you so much for your support in whatever way you show it.
Showers of Blessing
The honor and priviledge of even being considered as parents for these two priceless ones  PTL
His plans are always much better!!
United hearts, what great kids we already have!

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