Saturday, February 7, 2015

Experiencing Grace at Pranburi Hospital

Not everything that happened at the beach was relaxing and peaceful.  I was out getting a few items with three other moms one day when one of them handed me her phone.  Dread instantly came over me.  We had moved rooms that day, and before we could get everything unpacked, Xavier managed to get into Jacob's pill case.  I intervened on Xavier's behalf while waiting for Jacob and the kids to pick me up on the way to Pranburi hospital.  He looked fine when they picked me up, but I could see the remnants of dissolved medicine on his shirt collar.  Father was truly with me during all of this.  Last year when he and Eden got sick, I was literally trembling with fear.  This time, I started to tear up once, but asked Father to help me.  Xavier needed me to be strong and comfort him.  I helped hold him down while Jacob and the kids waited outside so the nurses could put in the NG tube, flush out his stomach, and administer charcoal.  I was thankful for clean equipment, and kind efficient staff.  They wanted to keep him for 24 hour observation.  Jacob took Eden and Ephraim to get supper and diapers while I was shown to this room.  They were so kind and apologized for being full with no private rooms available.  I honestly had no expectations, just thankful to have medical personnel who knew what they were doing.  We had this little area to ourselves, while two children receiving blood were in the larger room.

The first child looked like this wasn't his first time here.  The second one in this picture seemed to be having a more difficult time.

After getting his labs drawn, we settled in to watch Thomas in order to keep him in bed.  

He slept pretty well that night, while I was mostly awake reading about trials, thanking Father for protecting him, intervening for the other children (two more were brought in that night with serious breathing difficulty), and asking Father to somehow be glorified in this mess.  This was a hard thing to go through, and I didn't want it wasted.

We were let the next morning because his labs were normal, and he had no problems.  Xavier was served this mostly healthy breakfast first: rice in broth with chicken, egg, green onion, cilantro, and mushroom with soymilk to drink.

Showers of Blessing:
Small yet professional hospital
Clean equipment
Kind nurses
Peace that passes all understanding

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