Monday, February 9, 2015

Xavier's 2nd Birthday/Chiang Mai Zoo

Xavier was sick the day before his birthday with some sort of stomach virus, and all our party plans went out the window.  We had hoped to take him to the zoo then have a party at the guest house we were staying in with two families we are friends with who were in Thailand for the same reason.  We felt he was too weak to go to the zoo, the daughter of one family became ill, and our other friends couldn't make it.  Still, we remained optimistic and chose plan B.  We took him to a nearby mall where there was a play area with little kid rides.  He loves Thomas the train so we put him on a train toy...but it was too noisy and scared him.

We tried a few other things, but the only thing he liked was the table top air hockey game.  We decided on pizza hut for supper because he usually loves pizza.  However, I had bought donuts for his birthday since I couldn't bake a cake, and cakes are very expensive in Thailand.  As soon as he spotted the donuts, he wanted nothing to do with pizza.  I think we managed to get a few bites down him before fast-forwarding to dessert!

I had bought a few party decorations on sale last summer for 25 cents a piece, and we hardly used them.  Maybe next year.

This is how I would like to think things would have gone...

But this is more like how they went.

Sometimes plan B doesn't go the way we hope either, but there is still grace and much to be thankful for.  We have a sweet, cuddly, cute, fascinating two year old boy that we longed for.  We see so much potential in him in the years to come.  He is so strong, and I ask Father to help us raise him to love and serve Him.  May He use Xavier's strength to bring Him glory.

A few days later we went to the zoo with friends Tracy and Janis, along with their daughters Sarah and Emily.  My friend, Tammy, had told me this was her favorite zoo, and to prepare to do a lot of walking.  Early on we came to this giant tree house that everyone climbed while I got a fresh iced matcha latte for about 78 cents and stayed with Xavier.

Picking bamboo leaves for the animals

It's a beautiful zoo surrounded by gorgeous trees and flowers.

Feeding the elephant a banana.

Hello, hippopotamus!!

Riding hippos

Eden and Sarah.

Ephraim is going to be a great dad.  One of the many reasons I know this is that Xavier was screaming so loud on this ride, but Ephraim calmly and quietly held him so that he wouldn't fall.  He is sooo patient.

Another thing I love about raising my kids overseas is that they are 7, but are unashamed to hold hands with their friends in public.  

Painted elephant.

The only panda at the zoo came out to eat lunch.

Twins at heart.

It was an all day event, and we were thankful to have friends experiencing it with us.  

Showers of Blessing:
Grace when even plan b fails
Loveable two year old who already says please and thank you unprompted at times, who is 
     determined, who loves Changchun, who takes his time and then proceeds with confidence after 
     pondering, who wants his family near him, who takes risks, who loves Christmas songs and knows
     the name of the Son.
Pizza Hut!!
Friends to share experiences with
Getting to feed majestic animals
Cheap fresh made lattes
The sweet innocence of childhood friendship

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