Wednesday, March 25, 2015


This morning I was awakened by my teary eyed husband letting me know we got preapproval for our sweet boy!  We were both overcome with such joy, seeing again His faithfulness.  A huge burden was instantly lifted.  Jacob went to work soon after, so I facetimed my mom after some quiet time with Eden before the boys were up.  Today was a day to celebrate!  Though we couldn't do too much without Jacob, I canceled homeschool, and later took the kids out.

We went to my favorite coffee shop, got juice for the kids, and let them enjoy reading the few children's books they have in English.  I was treated to a free milk tea.  I got to share my excitement with a teammate and friend who showed up to have coffee together.  After we got home, Jacob and his friend Alex came home for lunch.  

We got to share our news with him, then I set off for my weekly quiet time.  My friend, M, met me there to catch up.  She was thrilled over our news, and had actually already heard it from a Chinese teacher, using our family as an example during class.  I wish I could share the whole content of this conversation, but it was so encouraging.  This evening we had team time, and I was so touched by the sign April made.  

Tonight we are overjoyed, and resting in His perfect peace.  We have our homestudy coming up next month.  If you feel led by Fathter to be a part of bringing our kids home, you can click the button in the upper right corner of the blog.  Please continue to lift us up.  Thank you.

Showers of Blessing:
Preapproval for Theo!!!
People to celebrate with
Free milk tea
Tenderhearted husband
Weather warm enough for jackets
Kids books in English
Faithful patient Father