Wednesday, April 22, 2015

32+ Blessings

This year all I wanted for my birthday was to be one step closer to bringing my babies home.  As He often does, Father went above and beyond.  I had it on my heart for a while to do a birthday fundraiser, but was hesitant.  I lifted it up, knowing that Father is the ultimate provider.  When we adopted Ephraim, all my attempts at fundraising were nothing compared to the blessings Father surprised us with.  We were hoping for 32 donors giving 32 dollars, totaling close to $1,000.  When all was said and done, we received over $1,500, and now have about $2,000 in our fundraising account.  We have a long way to go to reach our approximate $40,000, but He is already proving His mighty hand in this. We are so humbled by your love for Him and the outpouring of that on our family, from those who gave the $32 requested, to those who went above and beyond, to those who stretched their wallets even though it was a sacrifice to give $5.  Every gift blessed our hearts and encouraged us.  What a treasure it is to see all the people from various times in our life from former boarding school friends, to our college drama teacher, to current team mates, coming together to bring Theo and Tessa home.   Thank you to everyone who gave.  You will forever be a part of our kids' stories.  

I was so spoiled this year.  Birthday celebrations started the day before for me.  Jacob gave me all day to spend time at my favorite coffee shop, or whatever!  I went for a jog then spent part of the morning there, but was too distracted by mounting homestudy paperwork to stay.  After tackling a few papers with Jacob, Eden and I headed off for some spontaneous girl time with very accommodating Erica.  We watched the forever long BBC series of Pride and Prejudice, and it was perfect! 

Erica made us popcorn

...Kristalyn joined us for pizza... and peach crisp!  We left completely stuffed!!

Erica's cozy place.  She lives on the 10th floor.

The next day we were too distracted by the upcoming homestudy and visa health checks to have anything formal even as a family, but I was completely thrilled when Kristalyn showed up with her gift to me.  She made me a giraffe cake, my favorite animal.  I love wooden bowls, and she brought this one from South Africa for me, with giraffe print on it.  So  cute!!   Another gift to me was being able to tack on our adoption health checks to our visa health checks for only $10!  I was also spoiled with cheesecake the next night during team time.  Cheesecake!! Needless to say, I feel pretty loved, and excited to be one step closer to our sweet kids.

Showers of Blessing:
Generous Father
Spontaneous, accommodating, fun team mates
Time to fill up my introvert tank
Pride and Prejudice with Eden and girl friends
Popcorn, pizza, pepsi, peach crisp, giraffe cake, cheesecake!
Combining health checks for only $10 extra, only 1 blood draw, Yay!
Giraffe print wooden bowl
Homestudy interviews done!

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