Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter 2015

Easter is always a special time in our home.  Each year it becomes more meaningful to me, and each year I want it to be more meaningful to our children.  Jacob got to share about our adoptions and the real meaning of Easter to His students this last week.  He is the One making it all possible, and we hope that they have a better picture of His love this week.  Friday night was date night!  Sweet Lib came over to watch the kids.  She has been a consistant part of their lives for the last 2 years, and we are all going to miss her when she goes back to America for medical school this next year.  The kids dyed eggs and enjoyed bbq and ice cream while Jacob and I had our usual hot pot date.  

Saturday night we did something new.  In  Eden's Book, she has little fun ideas and experiments that you can do.  She asked if we could make pita bread, bitter herbs, meat and grape juice.  So, we did.  Erica joined us and, since lamb is expensive, we substituted chicken wings.  We talked about the last supper and ate our samples.  Then, we had the real feast.  Chicken tikka masala is a favorite in our house, so we ate that since we had already made pita bread, along with garam masala roasted pumpkin and green beans.

Sunday morning the kids woke up to their Easter bowls with 2 kinds of chocolate. 

We then had family time.  This was one of the songs we sang.  It  has been a theme for us this Easter, beginning with our teammates, who posted the lyrics in their living room.  I couldn't make it through this part without crying as I thought of our 2 babies and all the other orphans out there.  We then started watching The Ten Commandments with Charleton Heston.  The kids loved it!

We celebrated at our teammates with amazing food, including real ham from a German import store!  It was raining outside, so we had our egg hunt indoors.

Three guests were at our party, and we closed the party with singing.

We ended our evening at home making empty tomb rolls.

Showers of Blessing:
I have a loving Father who watches over my kids when I can't 
getting to share His love
Awesome Lib
Getting messy with my daughter
New traditions
Kids who appreciate getting 2 pieces of chocolate (they also know they have a package coming from family ;)
Real Ham
Because He Lives-Everything!

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