Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Catching up: party from last semester

In the midst of ending last semester and all the chaos that goes with it, we decided to have a class party.  Jacob had a new class this past semester, and we had not given them a party yet.

Ephraim and Xavier playing with transformers before the party.

Sweet S wanted so much to be Xavier's friend, and she succeeded by showing how to play the Chinese feather game (same concept as a hacky sack).  Jacob and I think she kind of looks like a grown up version of our little girl. :)

Further proof that Ephraim is in constant motion.

Many of these pictures were taken by the students.  Jacob had them send him their favorites, and this was one of them.  

How food for the party looks when you are getting ready to go to the states for the summer: kettle corn from the guy across the street, jello candy, packaged swiss roll treats, peanuts, apricots, green tea, pear juice, and hawthorne juice.

Another class favorite pic.

The sweet guy in the pic below on the right got all the kids dragon boat necklaces.

I enjoyed some great conversation with A on the left.

The kids are never lacking in affection or attention when we have class parties.

This class was so sweet and special that the time went by so fast at this party.  I was surprised when it was time for them to go.  Three of the girls especially are on my heart.  One, L, asked me if I would remember her.  Yes, L, I will remember you.  These students are worth remembering, and lifting, and investing in.  Thankful we are still in Changchun.  We still have the potential to keep up with friendships we have formed.  

Showers of Blessing:
Precious students that prick my heart and make me hope for their future
Sweet girl that reminds me of Tessa
Cute brother moments with Ephraim and Xavier
All the Way My S Leads Me-Fanny Crosby

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