Thursday, June 18, 2015

Eden is 8!

My girl is 8.  How bittersweet it is to watch them grow, knowing you won't remember every great moment.  I remember rocking her as a sleeping baby, looking at the most beautiful and delicate face I had ever seen, and thinking, "I probably won't remeber this moment."  Of course, I did remember that one, since I was so afraid I wouldn't.  Now here she is, 8.  

Being a Mom is a sacred and challenging work.  You realize how selfish you are, how inadequate you are, how little you know, how much you need grace, and how much you need Father.  Children indeed are a gift, and I am honored to be Eden's Mom. 

Her birthday was spread out this year.  She preferred outings this time over an organized party, so we put out the decorations and had cake at a team dinner.  Last summer she chose Hawaiin decorations from Dollar tree to bring back.

The beach cake. 

Birthday blessing

Part of the team

Grant and Gretchen made dinner: stew, rabbit salad, and italian herb bread.

Deep breath...

and they're out all at once!

We had put off buying the kids bicycles, but since we are staying in China, the kids wanted scooters.  We got Eden and Ephraim scooters, and Xavier a tricycle.  Since she had already received such a large gift, Eden chose to spend time with Lily and Lydia for her birthday present.  First stop was burger king. Some college aged guys wanted to take pictures with our kids, but we politely declined since they were in the middle of eating and it was a birthday outing.  They came back with ice cream cones for the kids.  

Eden got exactly what she wanted from Lily and Lydia, a cap.  She put it on right away, and wears it constantly unless showering or sleeping.  She has deemed it her lucky hat.  She even wore it the whole time while playing at the play place, sweaty head and all.  In the midst of playing, the electricity went out for about 1/2 and hour, but it didn't seem to faze anyone.

Another hand-holding pic.  I love it!

Erica and Kristalyn decided to take Eden on an outing for her birthday.  I'm thankful for friends who know and love my daughter well.  We went to a place where you make figurines out of modeling clay.

Erica gave Eden a pink pig travel pillow for the airplane.

Our artwork.  The two on the far left are models from the shop.  Next are Eden's robin hood kitty, Erica's yoda cactus, my Tessa doll, and Kristalyn's blue crab for Maryland.

We went to a game store while they baked for 20 minutes.

Next on the list was pizza from Jello Factory.  I had never been, but it's definitely the best pizza in Changchun.  Eden got a free pizza, and we all got free drinks since it was her birthday.  

We also ordered nachos.

The back of Eden's head.  This is pretty much all we saw of her since the owner turned on the movie Home while we ate.  

Showers of Blessing:
My strong, confident, beautiful 8 year old who knows what she wants
Birthday blessings
Teammates who cook
College boys who treat others to ice cream
Lucky cap
Little friends to celebrate with
Teammates who have become family, and love my children well
Figurines to remember the day by
Free birthday pizza
Things worth remembering

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