Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Picnic China Style

Right before summer break, we went on a picnic with some of Jacob's teacher friends and our teammate, Erica.  We  went to Nanhu park again, but a different area.

One of the teachers has an Australian husband who works and lives in Denmark.  He was very quiet but polite, and she, E, was fun to get to know.  The kids had plenty of green space to run around, as you can see in the background.  We sat on the grass for a while and chatted leisurely while the kids played and climbed a tree.

This adorable little friend behind Eden's hand came to pass out strawberries.  The teachers had our kids give him some seaweed snacks.  If you are given a gift here, it's customary to give one back as soon as possible so that you are not indebted.

Eventually snacks came out.  From my own observations, people usually eat drinks and snacks at picnics here, as opposed to more substantial meals.  We brought fruit and chicken salad sandwiches, and Erica brought a thai chicken pasta salad.  Xavier, of course, preferred the Chinese snacks.  Some of his favorites included pumpkin poridge, red bean-filled and sesame coated sticky rice balls, a peach, an apricot, and black sesame crackers. 

Eden liked the sandwiches best, and Ephraim devoured several packages of dried seaweed.

The teacher on the right, P, was so good with the kids.  She taught them badmitten, and now Eden wants it to be her new sport.

Notice all the tents?  Tents here are used for the daytime to shade from the sun.  People often will spend all day at the park, and take a leisure nap in them.  On a previous picnic it came in handy for Xavier to nap in.  

After the picnic, P sent Jacob an email with pictures from it.  I want to brag on Father and how humbled we are to see how He used Jacob last year by sharing some of what she wrote:

"By the way, I want to let you know that our students speak very highly of you in my listening class. Once we had a discussion on the topic "The person who impressed you most", a boy expressed his appreciation about your adoption of the Chinese kids.You set a very good example for those who know you! Thank you so very much for what you've done!"

Showers of Blessing:
A beautiful day with lots of green space
My TCKs who love pumpkin porridge, seaweed, black mushrooms, garlic shoots, pomelo, etc.
Cute kids who share strawberries
Seeing Father work
Watching other adoptive families meet their kids
Running 5 k again
Homeschool officially on summer break

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