Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Tea Party

After our friends left for Harbin, Jacob had a friend, Jason, come over for guy time: hot wings, chips, soda, ice cream, and Indiana Jones, while Eden and I headed to Tammy's (Jason's wife) for a tea party.  We took a taxi and climbed the seven flights of stairs to be greeted by two enthusiastic little girls.  I had researched high  tea, and we came up with a solution similar for our girls.  We included the three different courses, but ate them all at once, due to short attention spans.  We had savory: chicken salad sandwiches and stuffed cucumbers; scones with butter and jam; and sweet: white chocolate coated-peanut butter stuffed ritz, poppy seed bread, and fruit with dip.

Our friends are going to be stateside this year, and we are going to miss them tremendously.  Eden has really enjoyed Lily and Lydia, and is sad that their will be a shortage of like-minded girls her age this year.  

We talked about traditions of high tea, munched our delicious treats, decorated princess hats while wearing aprons I had brought from Dollar Tree, and played charades.  

Then Tammy read this really great book while we enjoyed citrus ginger roobios tea that Kristalyn had gotten me from South Africa.  Each girl received a china plate with their name and saying written on the back in permanent marker.  I appreciate Tammy for so many things: her gentle spirit, the book recommendations, the investment she puts into her marriage and her girls, honest conversations, the recipes she's shared, her self-control, her heart for the homeless.

Showers of Blessing:
Girl time
Other people who pour into my daughter's heart
Researching, planning, and carrying out fun ideas
Tea from South Africa

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