Saturday, October 31, 2015

Ephraim's 8th Birthday

LWe made a pinata for the first time for Ephraim's birthday.  It was truly a labor of love.  It took a week of wrapping a baloon with newpapers coated in floured goo twice daily, while the baloon hung from my kitchen light fixture.  However, the fun and excitement was worth it.  We filled the dinosaur egg with chocolate coins, hawthorne discs, strawberry cream candies, fruit jel filled marshmallows, and some smarties and pixie sticks I had brought from the states.  

The night before his birthday, Ephraim and I painted it.  While he and Xavier went to sleep, Eden excitedly stayed up to help me.  While I shaped and frosted his cakes, she cleaned the living room and hung up the signs she had made.  

How to Train Your Dragon was the theme.  

Eden made him a birthday banner.

This gift was from Eden: a bracelet, card and (my favorite) homemade flash cards in their secret language.  We got him a Captain America helicopter minion.  

He also received some cool legos, a sword, a watch, and an invitation to spend time with a friend.  

Thanks to Janice for these two bright and awesome pics. 

The pinata was a success, and after each kid got a hit at least three times, Ephraim gave the mortal blow that sent candy flying.  

Ephraim, you teach me to love in a deeper way that I wouldn't have known without you.  You make me win your heart over and over again.  I am better for it, and you are worth it.  You are strong, and love to wrestle, but so gentle with little ones.  You continue to grow in self control, compassion, and maturity, which is not to be taken lightly in these days of people never wanting to grow up.  I think and say it often: you are going to be a great husband and dad one day.  You can be serious when it's needed, but still have a great sense of adventure, which will help you accomplish great things.  I'm so thankful for the day that you were born.  I love you, and I'm honored to be your Mom.  

Showers of Blessing:
Successful pinatas
Sharing life and music with a student I got to tutor
Eden's excitement over helping prepare Eph's party
Getting to be Ephraim's Mom

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