Saturday, October 31, 2015

Fall kids parties

With two parties in two days, this weekend has been full of fun, sugar, games, and exhaustion.  
We took lots of pictures, but hang in there, because I really want you to hear about the second party.   Back in Oklahoma every year, the Stokes would host this amazing fall party that included a hot dog roast, hay ride, and greased pig contest in their barn.  It was everything you could imagine in a fall party.  Jacob and I decided to host a party with the other famililes in our org. Northern China style (indoors).

Eden went as reporter Sam Sparks from Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs.  We made a microphone out of a toilet paper roll and ball wrapped in foil.  This summer we found storm trooper outfits this fall at Walmart for $2, and Ephraim loves Star Wars.  Last minute I threw Ephraim's pirate hat on Xavier.  He wore it for the few seconds it took to take his picture, and only because I bribed him with candy corn popcorn.

Jacob was Eden's camera man.

I wore my old pediactric urgent care shirt and stethascope.

The food thanks to my Dad who sent me back with candy corn and pumpkin cookie mix, and Jodi who made the best brownies!  My caramel didn't stick to the apples, but they were still sweet.

The friends.  Aren't they adorable?

There were so many cute little people.

Cutest and calmest dinosaur I've ever seen.

The games: we played face the cookie.  Eden's face is cracking me up.

   Even Jacob participated in pumpkin relay.

We had pumpkin painting

Kelsey was in charge of the painting station, and Xavier kept her busy!

Jacob got to help the princess punch the pumpkin.

We also had pumpkin bowling, pumpkin ring toss, and another pumpkin toss game.

This picture is just precious.

The Hunger Games crew came to help us, and they even washed my dishes and left me with a bag of reeses!

Lately I think of Xavier as my little brooding artist.  He loves playdough,  finger painting, dinosaurs, being read to, and taking things apart.  He is slow to warm up, but once he loves you, he really loves you.  He always wants to be with me, and constantly plays with my hair.  he makes us all laugh so much, and always asks why.  I joke that he's going to be in apologetics.

When Ephraim is excited or bored you know it, but when he is sad, he is so quiet.  He's my tenderhearted warrior.  He dispises injustice, and doesn't want anyone to feel alone.  He doesn't like most creamy textures unless it involves sugar.  He's solid muscle and craves movement to the point that we put it on his chore chart.  He's our entertainer.

Eden is our little poetess.  She is so good with words, and, of course, she loves to read.  She just finished Helen Keller and Anne of Green Gables.  Her heart breaks for the lost and rejoices for the found.  She can't wait to have a sister, and talks about all the things she want's to do with her.  She's having a hard time thinking about making room for her stuff, though.  Tonight she made muffins by herself for the first time.

On to the second party!  Our family was invited by someone we had never met through our teammates.  Xavier had a cough and congestion, so I stayed home with him.  Jacob's first words about it were, "It was amazing!"  This party cost $30 per kid, but ours were invited for free.  

They had Ephraim and Eden dress up.

They got to color their own masks and capes.

A large lunch buffet was included.

My kids came home with bags filled with crayons, candy and an apple.

Fashion show of masks and capes.

The memorable part to me, though, was when Jacob said the person in charge invited him on stage, and told everyone about our adoption.  They had a sweet conversation together that had me in tears when he told me.  So sweet to be so blessed by people we had never met before.

Showers of Blessing:
Making fun memories with my kids and China family
Yummy Snacks and Cider
People who wash my dishes
Seriously cute kids
Being blessed by perfect strangers
We have been gifted a DRYER! yes, really!
Biggest of all: this week has been a struggle for my family with my Dad in the hospital for heart problems, but he should get to go home on blood thinners for a month, then have his heart rechecked to see if the blood clot is gone.  We are so thankful he gets to go home.  He still has a long road ahead.  Please keep him in your thoughts.

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