Thursday, October 15, 2015

Unexpected Gifts

These days I've been more homesick than ever with all the waiting that comes with adoption, so many changes this year, and my Granny having cancer.  I'm so thankful for a Father who sees it all, who sends encouragement, who gives good gifts, and surrounds me with loving friends.  Sharing some of our gifts today.

We went through orientation with Chris and Rachel.  They lived in another city the last two years, but moved to our city this year to go to language school.  Rachel was heading to ikea with a group from the school and contacted me to see if we needed anything.   She went above and beyond: getting us mattresses, sheets, and beds for Theo and Tessa.  She put everything on the cart, asked for help to translate our address to the shipping people, save us ticket money, and even paid for the shipping so that we had a little extra for Theo and Tessa.  So awesome!

I was able to skype with my friend Kim, who moved to Shanghai.  I didn't expect to unload my tears on her while skyping, but she took it gracefully.  Then she sent me this...

and this later for Tessa.  Isn't it the cutest most girly winter snow suit you've ever seen!  I can't wait to see her in it. 

The cost of adoption can seem overwhelming, but Father is never overwhelmed.  The people he has used to provide have humbled and encouraged us.  We received our first donation from Chinese friends.  One, not pictured, contacted me and shared our story with friends.  Even though she lives in another city, she took the trouble to send her money to these friends who also donated even though we had never met them till this day.  The way that He works is just beautful!  

And today, I am away while Jacob is homeschooling the kids, which he volunteered to do.  He had already begun when I left, and he said, "I already have more respect for you."   That was just what I needed to hear.  To me it was like, "What you do is not easy, but it's important."  Tonight our teammates are watching the kids while we go on a date.  :)

Showers of Blessing:
Friends who sacrifice for your convenience
Chocolate and a rainbow of color
First donation from Chinese friends
Jacob valuing my role, and understanding my need to refuel
Finding a piano teacher for Eden
Date night!

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