Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Star Wars and Ice Skating

Star Wars came out in theaters in China, and we decided to host a Star Wars marathon at our house before going to see the movie.  The newer episodes were shown in the morning, and our kids have not seen them all yet.  I made cinnamon rolls and coffee for the morning crew, and then headed across town with the kids to Hua Qiao.  

We started out at Samson and Jodi's place hanging out with Jodi, little Tobi, Carrie and Kelsey.  The kids played with a toy train with I got to chat with the girls.  Soon after we headed outside to play on the ice!  We took a sled, two brooms, a foam square, and Kelsey and Carrie brought their ice skates.

Ephraim spent lots of time sliding over the ice on his knees.  I'm afraid those snow pants have seen their last days!

Xavier wanted to walk on the ice a lot more than I wanted him to.  I kept thinking of where I would get him chin sutures when he busted his face, but tried to remember that he's a boy and needs adventure.
Thankfully he came out unscathed.

Sliding on the foam square

Kelsey is so talented on the ice.  She did some twirls and loops and jumps that made me feel like I was observing the Winter Olympics.  She swooped up Xavier and let him fly over the ice while Carrie pulled Eden and Ephraim on the sled.  And...

She gave Eden ice skating lessons after Sarah loaned her some skates!  

We are going back for another lesson before Kelsey leaves for winter break

Much to Eden's delight, Kelsey said she was very natural on the ice.

I love the next two pictures.  Eden looks like she has been doing this for years.

Learning to stop herself

Posing on ice

See the people in the background?  It's a group of elderly men who get together to play hockey.  How cool is that?

I'm so thankful for how this group of girls invests in my children: piano lessons, ice skating, babysitting, crafts, washing my dishes, donating to our adoption to name a few.

Jodi picked up lunch from the school cafeteria for us while we finished up outside: noodles for the kids and rice with pork and greens for Xavier and me.  Samson also made quesadillas and iced coffee for us.  

We got home, and the guys had long since devoured chili from my friend, Rachel. Eden had made a chocolate cake by herself for everyone to enjoy as well.  For dinner, I made pizza, and enjoyed comforting chats around the table with a bunch of girls while snacking on pomelo from from Kris, apples from another Rachel, and cookies.  The four guys in the top picture made it through the whole marathon.  

The next day we went on a double date to see the new Star Wars.  So much fun!

Showers of Blessing:
Gift of a giant bottle of Sriracha from Sam and Jodi
Ice skating lessons and sledding
A whole day of guy time for Jacob
Beautiful friends who love on our kids
Observing Eden bake a cake:  she's so adorable!

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