Sunday, January 17, 2016

Xavier's 3rd birthday

Xavier turned three years old while we were in Guangzhou with our newly expanded family.  We decided to have his party several weeks early before we left. He loves Thomas, and a sweet ELIC family had gifted us with a Thomas cake pan.  Sadly I was running out of food coloring and my attempt to try a new method of decorating proved to be the ugliest cake in my short decorated cake making history.  Poor Thomas was pink and baby blue, not very manly I'm afraid.  Still, my sweet three year old was impressed.  

Eph, of course, had to steal the show, so intent on doing so, he didn't realize he was pushing Xavier's head down with his elbow.  Xavier adores Ephraim, and has recently started calling him, Ephy.  He insists on sitting by him now at meals instead of in between Jacob and I, and he refuses his booster seat now.  He wants to be big like Ephy.  At other times, he just wants to be my baby boy, and l like that just fine, for now.  

We had been busy getting ready for our trip, and were seriously lacking in decorations.  Jacob hung up his pillowcase.

The kids made a banner.

And I spread out his Thomas books on the table.

His best friend and teammate, David, came for the party, along with his parents, Ryan and Karen.  We kept it simple with spaghetti and cake.  

Deep breath

At this age, Xavier is still so very cuddly, but recently started sitting next to me instead of on my lap.  He's always so complimentary, and tells me I'm so beautiful.  He comments on people's expressions and remarks if they are happy, sad, or mad.  He likes to talk to Father during mealtime.  He can still be quite fussy, and sounds like a broken record if he wants something.  He just started drawing faces with eyes and smiles.  He makes us laugh so much.  I love this picture with Eden's gentle hand on his shoulder.  Eden and Ephraim both love him so much, and they are so good with him.  He always wants to sing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and read I Love You All the Same by Donna Keith at nap time.  He won't sleep without his sharky, and he peels his fingernails like I do.  He loves to wrestle with Jacob and Ephraim. He won't let Jacob or I leave the house without hugs and kisses.  He also likes to "help" me bake.  He loves to be read to, and tells Jacob he misses him when he comes home from work.  He loves to help, and that's the way I often get him to do something is to say that I need help.  Servant's heart.  

Showers of Blessing:
Our little boy, a source of joy and cuddles, how we love you!
Friends to share birthdays with 
Brother and sister who love you so much 

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