Tuesday, January 12, 2016

You Know You're a TCK When...

Eden and Ephraim helped me compile this list, and it truly could go on forever.  I had my own mental list growing up, and I really enjoy seeing their perspective.  I hope you will too.

"Mom, I like the smell of durian"- Eden
You eat sriracha mayo with your pizza
Your refuse hot dogs while you're in the states for the summer, and the largest meal you eat
    is the one day your mom cooks Chinese food. -Xavier
Your Dad checks the air quality before taking you out to see if you need masks
Your mom makes her own yogurt with fresh milk because the milk products in this country break your  skin out
Your ask which country you are going to live in next year followed by, "Can we get bikes if we stay
    here another year (meaning, 'is it finally worth the investment?')"- Ephraim
You know that American Chinese food is not the same as Chinese Chinese food
You don't like to eat very many sweets-Theo
You don't like peppermint-Theo
Your carry your slippers inside your backpack so you can have your own inside shoes for
    Visiting other people's houses -Eden
Holidays, like Valentine's Day, are sometimes not celebrated due to travel
You make a long list of all the things you want to teach your old friends when you get back to China-Eden
You still use the Chinese word for your favorite color- Theo
You still use the Chinese word to ask to be held-Tessa and Xavier
You're only three and have had your birthday in 2 different countries, but America is not one of them - Xavier
It's perfectly normal for a stranger in the airport to give you candy, then ask for a hug
You wear a hat so that strangers will stop touching your head - Ephraim
You know how to turn on the vpn
Depending on where you are, you have to remember whether or not you can flush toilet paper
You don't like Sprite or any other kind of soda- Tessa
You get excited when this apartment actually has a bath tub
Whenever you go to someone's house, you feel like bringing a gift -Eden
Chinese people stare at you because you're different, Americans glare at you because you're different-
     Ephraim (Our family, but Ephraim especially, gets a lot of curious questions, stares, and people 
     touching his hair in China, mostly innocent, but sometimes rude.  Sometimes here in America he 
     gets very rude looks, and it's very hurtful.  Those are the ones he is remembering now.)
One of the faces you see the most is the water man
In China you get to see your friends almost every day- Ephraim (This is due to close teams)
The pizza you eat is homemade
The commercials are safer in China-Eden
You take an elevator to get to your front door 
You can have more pets in America-Eden
Butter and cheese come in the mail
When asked why you are sad, you respond, "Because of America"- Xavier
You dream Chinese characters that you don't know the meaning of- Eden

Showers of Blessing:
My unique world traveling kids who love Father and love people of all different kinds of cultures

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