Monday, May 9, 2016

Sarah's 33rd Birthday/Mother's Day

While I was away at team time, Jacob and the kids cleaned and decorated to surprise me for my birthday with Eden making the cake and Jacob the frosting.  She knows Beauty and the Beast was my favorite animated movie as a child, so she put Belle on top.

Jacob had our most recent family pictures printed and placed all over the home, and Theo was delighted to see his pictures everywhere.

My birthday banner was in my favorite color with a picture of me and Belle.  There's Theo pointing out his picture.

Jacob played Happy Birthday on his ukulele.

Then, a little boy snuck in and blew out my candles.

The next morning I was amused when Theo told me I looked like Belle.  I knew the answer to why would be interesting.  I presumed perhaps the brown hair or pale skin.  Nope...we have similar noses.  Yep, that's it.  He was sure he was giving me high praise.  

The next day Eden and I went out with Erica to lunch for some girl time.  We had mala xiang guo, some of my favorite Chinese food.  Basically you pick what you want, and they stir fry it in spicy seasoning.  Ours included sweet potatoes, chicken, bacon, broccoli, spinach, cilantro, lotus root, and other yummy veggies I can't remember.  We drank peanut milk, had mantou (steamed bread) with sweetened condensed milk, and salty peanuts.

Cherry blossom tree

We then went back to Erica's house to watch Anne of Avonlea for the first time with Eden.
Erica made delicious Thai chicken with sides for dinner and cookie dough bars for dessert.  I felt so refreshed after time with my sweet generous friend and precious daughter.  

I had leftover pancakes planned for the kids so that I wouldn't have to cook breakfast on Mother's Day.  Jacob, knowing I don't care much for pancakes, had an apple with peanut butter and coffee ready for me when I woke up.  I also received this tea set.  Look at Xavier's face!  This is right before he's about to growl!

There was playing outside with friends the kids met with English names Catherine and Peter.  I must confess the first time I heard her name, I thought she said Casserole.  Eden let me know what it really was.  

I want to forever remember Xavier in these little blue boots that he loves so much and prefers over his tennis shoes, the only shoes he has, next to this tree that we have dubbed the Charlie Brown tree.  

That afternoon Karen and David came over to play.  

Eden wanted to take a picture of me.  I was tired and dirty from playing with kids, with my hair plopped up in a bun, making pizza and salad, but she thought I was worthy of taking a picture of.  I love that.  

And this is how I get stuff done in the kitchen these days.  This girl never has enough time of snuggling.   When I ask her if she wants in the Ergo, she gets excited, flaps her arms, and says, "Ya, ya!" 

Showers of Blessing:
Kumquat scented dish soap
Friends willing to save their raw meat for our pet lizard
FaceTime with Kristalyn
Incense, bath salts and hair towel from Karen
Ningbo mug from Erica
Starbucks gift card that I'm using right now

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