Sunday, December 17, 2017

Partnering For A Purpose

     As the Myers family plans and prepares for our first return back to China after our very first Home Assignment of adoption transition, teaching, and education we are now more than ever before...Partnering for a Purpose!!!  To us, partnering for a purpose means that the Myers family is coming along you and or your family in lifting you up, encouraging you, pointing you to the Father and His Word while we spur each other on to live our lives for His eternal purpose.

Over the past several months I've mailed letters, made phone calls, sent text and Facebook messages, Skyped, spoke at fellowships, met in homes, offices and restaurants all for a purpose...HOPE!  We as believers have been given a gift that is full of grace and truth.  My purpose is to share that gift with you and for us to partner together to share that gift where ever the Father sends us.  We weren't meant to share this gift by ourselves and that is why the Myers family is Partnering With A Purpose!!!

So if you receive a letter, phone call, voicemail, text or Facebook message please know that it's 100% for His Purpose!  This is also a family affair.  My kids often travel with me to meet with people.  The Father said to not forbid the little children from coming to him.  I want my kids to know that this isn't just daddy's job but this is how the Father wants us to love and serve other people.  My big kids like to share stories of their experiences with students and life in China.  It's my hope that as my kids share with you that you will also be encouraged of our partnership is effecting the next generation for His glory.

If you'd like to join us in Partnering for a Purpose, you don't have wait to get a letter, phone call or anything else from me.  Leave a message on this blog or through Facebook and I will get back to you so we can schedule a time to sit down a visit.  To us is all about relationships and that is why you won't see a link to give.  If you're compelled to join us through giving after you hear about how we can make an impact together, then I will rejoice and be thankful that you understand the sense of urgency I feel to share life and hope where we are being sent.
Blessings to you and your family this Christmas season---Jacob

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